Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bank holiday- OOTD

Heeellooo (in a Marcus Butler voice),
Today I thought I'd do a short but sweet blog post on what I wore on Monday when I went to my wonderful cousins house, and spent most of the day trying to fish Taylor's (my eldest cousins) stuck phone out from behind the raditator- yep, we lead a normal and exciting life.
So, some of you may know already, that on bank holiday Monday there was absolutely glorious weather in England (which is very unusual) and so I took the plunge and wore a summery outfit.
Top- Select
Shorts- New Look
Socks- Topshop
Watch- Agros (oh yeehhhh)
Bag- H&M
Doc Martens- Schuh
Bracelet- from a nine piece stack from topshop (I think)
So anyway, I hope you liked what I was wearing, I also put my hair in a bun because it felt a little more spring like, and a bit more fresh. If you enjoy OOTD's then comment below.
Happy Thursday