Sunday, 12 May 2013

Favourite Skincare Products

Hello Beautys, today I thought to myself why not share and review with you my current favourite skincare products, so without further ado, here it is...

Soap and glory hand food. Clearasil Ultra rapid action treatment cream. Clearasil daiy clear skin perfecting wash. Nivea pure & Natural smoothing day cream. Bodyshop passionfruit body butter.
So this here is the Soap&Glory Hand Food, which if I'm honest I didn't actually buy myself. My Nan bought me a Soap&Glory giftset for Christmas, and this is certainly the best product that I own by them, and I am pretty sure I'll be repurchasing it when I run out. The one that I own is actually the small sample size version, but even this size seems to be lasting me a while, and it is also the perfect size for putting into your beach bag, or even handbag. The particular one that I own retails at £2.50 from Boots and it contains 50ml of the moisteriser, but you can also buy the 125ml bottle for £5.00 or even the 250ml one that come in a big bottle with a pump for £7.00.
The Soap&Glory Hand Food is definitely worth the money, it is super-dooper moisterising and can keep my hands soft all day if applied in the morning. As well as that, the Soap&Glory Hand Food also smells absolutely delicious, it contains, shea butter, macadamia oil and even marshmallow (which is why I think it smells so yummy). I highly recommend this product because it really is the most hydrating hand cream I have ever tried.
Next is the Clearasil ultra rapid action cream, and although I do not actually use this product very often, it certainly does what it says it does. This product is meant to visibly reduce spot size and redness in just 4 hours; so if you apply this morning and night on an annoying pimple then you will notice a visible difference. I thought I would add though, do not try and squeeze your spot because it will only get worse, and this product does not work on scabbed up spots. I bought this from Sainsbury's for £6.00 (but it is on offer for 2 for £7.00 at the moment), which I must admit isn't cheap for what it is, but it does last a long time, and it really does work.
The next product is also by clearasil and it is called the Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash, and I've got to be honest as a teenage girl who does break out often this works a treat. It cleanses and gently exfoliates your skin and it does have a little bit of moisteriser in it, although I wouldn't just use this to keep my facial skin hydrated because it isn't all that good at that. Other than that though, I recently took a short break from using it and I really did notice a difference, and after even a couple of days my face was starting to sprout spots here, there and everywhere, and now I'm using it again there really is a noticable difference. This product isn't for people who have acne or blackheads though, but clearasil do have products for skin types like that also and this product is to keep your skin clear if you get the odd spot or two. This product retails at £4.00 150ml, and I highly recccomend it to people with a skin type that breaks out every so often.
The next product is Nivea pure & Natural smoothing day cream. My mum actually gave me this after realising it isn't the moisteriser that she usually uses, but she also uses Nivea moisterisers, and has been for years. It is a perfect moisteriser for people with dry skin, and although it is called smoothing day cream, I actually use it at night and it works a treat. I believe my mum bought this from Superdrug at £9.99, but I'm sure you can find it in other drugstores and supermarkets, etc. and although it is quite expensive you only need a little a day and it also does the job.
Finally, the last product is the Bodyshop Passionfruit Body Butter. Yes, the body butter is a bit of an unnessisary purchase, but all of their products smell so delicious and perfect. Bodyshop's body butters also leave your skin feeling so hydrated and refreshed. I also own the Pink Grapefruit flavour, and although I love that scent too, I must admit I have absolutely fallen in love with the smell of passionfruit at the moment, it has a lovely sweet smell, whereas pink grapefruit is a little more sour. It retails at £13.00 at Bodyshop, which is actually really good considering it contains 200ml of the stuff, and it lasts a pretty long time- depending whether you use it everyday or for just special occasions.
Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed my first ever blog, and I look forward to blogging again. Please comment blog requests below, or any questions.