Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maybelline New York Colour tattoo 24 hour

Hi everyone, today has been such a busy day, after doing my practical catering exam and all, but I have commited myself to posting every Thursday and Sunday so I said to myself that I would do this post anyway.
So this post is about the Maybelline New York Colour tattoo 24 hour, which if I'm honest I actually only own 2 colours, but I absolutely adore them, and will definiately purchase some more colours in the near future. Basically, these eye shadows are gel-cream eyeshadows and they are meant to last on your eyes for 24 hours- which is something that I can't say for definate works because I never wear my eye makeup for that long. I have also heard many other beauty bloggers mention that they are like the drugstore duplicate of MAC paintpots, which to be truthful I have no idea about because I've never owed any high end makeup before.
So these are the two colours I own...
65-Pink gold (left) and 05-eternal gold

These two colours were actually bought for an end of season hockey do that I went to, where I was wearing a nude dress, they have a lovely shimmer, are quite well pigmented, have a lovely smooth finish and stay on for hours (I didn't even have to reapply after a whole day at school in a hot and stuffy kitchen today). You can wear these two colours for a formal event or just for a casual day out, as they are so quick and super easy to apply. You can wear the two colours seperate but I usually wear both at the same time, I put eternal gold on my brow bone and around my inner corner and then put pink gold on my top eye lid.
(left) pink gold and (right) eternal gold.

As you can see these are quite pale colours, but the line does have many more brighter, more pigmented colours, I just find these about right for school, because it's school at the end of the day not a fashion parade (sorry for the cliché). These colours are also quite shimmery, which personally I love about them because it makes them just that little bit more girly. They retail in Boots costing £4.99 each, but they are currently doing an offer on all maybelline products, where you buy one and get the second half price :)
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed todays blog post, and I'll be back with another one this Sunday. As mentioned on my last post, blog requests are highly appreciated so please leave your comments.