Sunday, 19 May 2013

What's in my shower?!

Hello everyone, so today I've decided to do a quick post on what is in my shower, so here is a little picture showing you all of the products I have in our bath/shower.

So first of all there are my two babies at the front, which are the amazing bodyshop shower gels. I love the bodyshop shower gels purely because they make me smell so delicious when I get out of the shower. I have these shower gels in the flavours pink grapefruit and mango and they both smell extraordinary. Also, even though the bottles are tiny they seem to last forever because when I put them on my shower scrub thing, they lather up beautifully and you only need about a 10p sized drop a wash. You can buy them from the bodyshop and £4.00 each.
The next item is my Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine shampoo, I love this shampoo because it really does clean my hair, doesn't give me an itchy scalp (because a lot of products do give me an itchy scalp) and it also leaves my hair shiny. You can buy it from Sainsbury's at £1.89 reduced from £3.79.
My conditioner is also by Herbal Essences and it is their Moisture Balancing Conditioner for Normal hair. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy, and I really can't get enough of herbal Essences hair products. You can buy this from Sainsbury's at £1.89 reduced from £3.79, also. Not only that but I would also love to try tousle me conditioner when my hair gets longer, to help get tousled hair in the summer.
Finally, the last product I have included in this little post is the Radox Muscle Therapy Bubble Bath: this product isn't really mine, but I thought I'd include it because it really is great. Not only does this bubble bath smell great but it also really does what it says it does. I decided after my Duke of Edinburgh practice hike to give it a whirl, and my muscles certainly did feel much more relaxed and not as tight after a nice chill in the bath. You can buy this from ASDA  for £1.90, and it is definiately worth it.
Anyway, thanks for reading todays post, and don't forget I have a new one up every Thursday and Sunday.
EmilyBelleBlogs x