Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Little Summertime Haul.

Hello everybody,
A few weeks ago, if you follow me on twitter I went to a contact lens appointment, now if you know me then you will know how much I hate contact lens appointments and I also think my optician is super duper scary (which doesn't really help my fear). Anyway, to cut the long story short, I managed to soak myself, my optician, her desk and her chair whilst trying to wash my hands before taking my contacts out. I'm not sure whether this embarassingly awkward event happened due to me being mega nervous and uneasy, or it was karma and my head just said "I will drench my evil optician", either way, surprisingly enough I found it pretty hilarious and wasn't mortified out of my brains. Also, do any of you have to have that dye put into your eyes, because I do and makes me see yellow for ages?
Afterwards, me and mum decided to have a little window shop, which turned into more of an actual shop, although I did resist on not buying a pretty pink pinafore from Miss Selfridge's- but that was probably because I don't have anywhere near enough money for that at the moment (oh boy, I can't wait until I'm 16 and can get myself a job).
So, here is my accidental pile of purchases...
The Summertime Haul
So I suppose this isn't a massive haul, but for someone that lives off of a monthly allowance it did sort of break the bank, and can I also add that I am really thankful for what my parents give me, so thank you mummy and daddy x.
The first place I went too was Select, which is an absolutely amazing shop, that is super cheap and affordable, and has the tidiest sale rails I have ever seen (I really hate messy sales).
From select I bought a coral coloured Bubble cutout crop vest, a really beautiful and summery Rose boarder skater dress and finally a corally orange Crop bandeau.
The Bubble cutout crop vest was an amazing £5 in the sale.
The beautiful floral summer dress was an amazing £10 in the sale.
And the orange cropped bandeau was an amazing £2.50, and it wasn't even in the sale.
The next shop I went too was New Look where I bought white lace designed shoes and a pretty brown belt. I bought both of these items to go with my dress as I thought the dress needed a brown belt and some white shoes to give it a little more statement and to make it look a little more classy and bring in my waist slightly (as I have a pretty boyish body shape).
The belt was £3.99 and I thought it was extra pretty because of the gold studded detailing.
I also loved these shoes which were £9.99 because they had a slight lace detailing about them, and the brown canvas bit at the bottom made them look uber cute, pretty and summery.
The final shop I went too was Boots and I went there to repurchase my favourite foundation, which is Rimmel London's Match Perfection Foundation in the colour Light Porclain, and I really do love this foundation because it is the only colour that I can seem to find that matches little pale me at an affordable price for a 15 year old on a budget. I will go into more detail on this foundation in a makeup review though, because I think it's worthy of it's own little post.
I bought it for £6.99 which isn't bad for a foundation, is it?
I hope you enjoyed todays little haul and I hope to fill you in with more of these in the future, but perhaps not that often because I don't treat myself all too often with new stuff.
EmilyBelleBlogs x