Saturday, 1 June 2013

Building Forts and having picnics

Hello everybody,
Yes, I know, the title is a little bit weird, but I honestly didn't know what else to call this, so I thought I'd just make the title quite literal. So on Tuesday the 28th of May, me and my gorgeous friend Kelly, decided to meet up as we had the week off from school, and do something. As a girl living in the ever so rainy UK I thought, why not share our idea of what we did to the world wide web, as we had such a fun day.
So first of all we made a fort, with unused bed sheets, hooked over my dressing table seat and hooked into my drawers, this only took about a minute or so to put together
Our fort- you can see my cupcake money box holding it together.
 Before we did this though, we actually took a trip to the nearest supermarket, which happens to be ASDA and buy a few goodies, so once we had completed our amazing masterpiece, we set up camp, with doritos, skittles, diet coke (because it tastes better), three for a pound sweets, mini sausages, chicken nuggets, fruit winders, jaffa cake mini rolls and the new cadbury's dairy milk marvellous creations, in the flavour jelly popping candy shells.
We then watched Pitch Perfect, which is an amazing film for any of you music lovers out there, followed by a giggle at Michael McIntyre's showtime DVD, which I've watched ten billion times now (my mum has told me a thousand times not to exaggerate) but it never fails to not make me laugh out loud. We also put a blanket on the floor, just in case we made a mess and used lots of pillows and cushions to make it as comfortable as possible.
After, Kelly had left, I was so comfortable in my little boudoir, that I decided to watch another film (Paul) in the fort, and then did a little blogging, because that's how I roll.
Now I would just like to add, before I get any hate or people thinking "Oh that EmilyBelleBlogs, is a little bit strange", it was just a little bit of fun, it was a cheap get together, and it was raining cats and dogs outside, so we decided to do something fun and inventive.
Hope you enjoyed my little post today, and feel free to use my idea, on a rainy day :)
EmilyBelleBlogs x
PS: Happy birthday to one of my besties Laura for tomorrow (if you are actually reading this).