Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Body Spray collection

I know, I know!
I Know what you're thinking "This Emily girl must be pretty stinky if she needs a body spray collection". But my thoughts are the opposite, I'm thinking "I must smell absolutely smashing with a cocktail of fragrance wafted all over my beast of a body", and yes I am only exaggerating when I make the reference of body being beastly.
Anyway, I thought today, I'd share with you my passion for all things that smell nice, and boy do I have a truck load of body sprays because they smell absolutely spiffing- yes, I did just say spiffing, and also did any of you UKer's watch truck load of stuff when you were little, because that was an epic show, and we used to call up every Saturday to see if we could win the truck load of prizes (comment below if you know what I'm talking about, and if you are completely baffled, google it). Sooo, back to what I was talking about in the first place, my body sprays, or mists, or what ever you prefer to call them...

I have eight body sprays, all of which I use except for one because I was half asleep whilst buying it and picked up the wrong thing. I am not going to include prices in this post today, because I'm feeling fairly lazy, but I'm sure if you're desperate to splurge on these wonderful fragrances, then you can check it out for yourself.
I have two body mists from BodyShop in the flavours pink grapefruit and strawberry; they smell super duper delicious and are in quite a reasonable price range. They are quite big bottles and last a long time, but if you want to smell of them all day, then you do need to reapply because the smell  doesn't last for particularly long.
The next ones I have are from Boots, in the scents, winter musk, mango and vanilla. Winter Musk I do not use because it reminds me of a launderette smell, and I picked it up thinking it was apple, which smelt lovely and fruity. Also, if you know me, then you will know that I dislike fresh and floral scents, and only like the smell of fruit and spice, although moringa smells okay and I love the smell of lavender at night time. Mango smells super fruity and tropical and it lasts on me for a whole day at school, and the same for vanilla, which makes me think of vanilla butter cream and smells almost good enough to eat.
I then have the Laguna Beach body mist by Hollister, and lets face it girlie's, most fifteen year old girls own a Hollister spray. They are pretty affordable and this particular fragrance also has quite a tropical fruit sort of twang to it.
Finally, my favourite body spray is my Victoria Secret one, in the scent Blackcurrant and Vanilla Absolute, which smells so so so yummy, and was definitely worth the money. Now I know Victoria Secret is an underwear shop that isn't very well known in the UK, but they have a massive one in Stratford Westfield's with a huge section just dedicated to fragrance's and they all smell absolutely heavenly. Also, surprisingly enough, it isn't like Hollister where you walk in and choke to death because those sexy six-pack shop assistant's go walking around the shop spraying the body sprays like it's flipping frebreze (which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it).
Goodbye for now,
EmilyBelleBlogs x