Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sightseeing around London and watching Ladie's hockey investec world league :D

Hello everybody,
Okay, so Saturday was an amazing day for me and it was so super crazy. Me and my family went to see England Ladies hockey at the Investec world league, and it was incredible. Before we did that though we did a little bit of sightseeing.
Once we got off of the train at Kings Cross we caught the underground to Green Park where my family and I sat and had a little picnic -of course after we bought a little drink from Starbucks. It was very yummy but unfortunately the weather was a little bit pants. We also had a whole bunch of pigeons watching us the entire time, I mean what has happened to having a little bit of privacy these days.
Just a small minority of the pigeons that were crowding us.
Next we took a little walk down the park to Buckingham palace, where I haven't been since I was about four. It is such a beautiful place, and I certainly envy those people that rub past it every day on their daily jog. Afterwards, we headed towards Knight's guard, picking up an ice cream and looking at the beautiful gardens of St James' park.

At Knight's guard we obviously had to have a picture. Then my dad took us for a walk past Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament and Westminster abbey. We also, went to see the London eye from across the river, where we saw the top of The Shard.

Later, we got back onto the underground and went to Chiswick to watch the hockey. The first game we saw was Spain vs Australia and Australia won 5-0.  Next there was a hour to wait until England vs South Africa and everyone was so super excited. In the break my parents treated me and my brother to an England hockey shirt, and Ashleigh Ball gave me her autograph. I even spoke to Alex Danson (who I like to think is my long lost relative). My brother and I then went for a little walk, and the commentator read out our tweets, it was so funny and embarassing at the same time.
We then took our seats and the game commenced. The first half it was 2-1, but after a brilliant second half, England won 4-1, it was such an amazing game. We then went to get autographs signed, unfortunately although I spoke to Alex again I didn't get her autograph, but I did get a photo and autograph from the England Captain Kate Walsh.

We then got a McDonalds and headed home on the train. Which was the worst train journey ever, from delays and unneccisary stops, to going backwards twice. Consequently, the fast train ended up talking almost two hours to get home, instead of one hour.
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