Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Game of Life (my first ever game).

Hello everybody,
Okay, so as promised I said I would share with you my Game of Life story with you guys.
So, it all started when I was born, and straight away I decided to go to University, which was only £6,000 which is a bargain for university funds if I don't say so myself. The thing is though, I wasn't really interested in the whole studying thing, so I went partying most nights, and skipped most of my lectures due to pretty bad hangovers.
Unlike all of my other friends who left university with jobs, such as doctors and teachers, I left and decided to live off a student benefit for the rest of my life, which was actually £6,000 every pay day which wasn't bad considering my teacher friend was only getting £7,000 every pay day. So after that I had a pretty slow start to life, but also a pretty lucky one. Whilst all of my friends were getting married (and I was pretty generous because I gave them each £1000 on their wedding days, and I was living off benefits!) I won £50,000 in the lottery and inherited £50,000 off of my Aunt who sadly passed away, but I didn't mind because she gave me money.
So, after all of my friends were building little families, or in some cases big families, my fiancé finally proposed and we got married. The wedding wasn't exactly extravagant, and neither was the honey moon, but we had a good time anyway. After returning we were involved in a car accident, which not only we got hurt in, we also broke the car (praise the lord for car insurance).
After a bit of a tough time, my good friend Becca decided to sue me which made me £60,000 poorer, which lead to me and my husband to wait until we were a little older before we tried for any babies. Then, finally we had a baby girl.
A couple of years past since my Aunt sadly went to sleep with the angels and I knew my Uncle was in a tricky state, but I hadn't realised it had gotten so bad and he ended up getting arrested. As I was the only one left in his family I was the one that ended up splashing my cash to bail him out.
A little bit later I sued my friend Becca back, which was all well and good because I ended up getting my £60,000 back.
The rest of my life was a little bit boring, but I did end up spending quite a lot of money. Not only that, but my flipping Aunt decided to dump me with 50 of her cats, pfft, family for you eh?
Anyway, that is my life summed up for you :)
EmilyBelleBlogs x
Oh, just a little reminder to say, this is just a game and not actually my life. If you like these types of posts, please comment, and I think on Tuesday I will do something a little more beauty related :)