Thursday, 18 July 2013

Let's go to the beach, each, Let's go get away...

Hello Everybody,
Just over a week ago I went to the seaside. To be honest it was actually a geography trip to study coastal erosion, but who cares? It was a trip to the beach so I was happy. We went for a walk along the coast, from Happisburgh (pronounced hays-bu-ra) to Sea Palling.
First of all, in the morning I was absolutely fuming, because we were told that we had to be at school for seven o'clock in the flipping morning, to find out that the coach driver had reversed into a bollard in the school car park, and we had to wait in the school canteen for another hour for a spare part to arrive.
Finally, when after hours on the bus, and everyone realising that we were almost there we ended up even further away from where we were meant to be. This resulted in us being on the bus for another fabulous hour on a hot, squishy and sticky bus.
Yep, I'm rocking my cupcake earbuds.
Once we arrived we went for a well deserved urinate, and the sea breeze hit us with an almighty slap around our pale, bare legs. I was wearing a nice tee-shirt with a denim skirt because the weather had been so wonderful before then. Luckily had come prepared and had my topshop jacket packed ready in my beach bag- because I always check the weather forcast.
Whilst on the beach we had to take pictures of previous coastal protection, because the council are now letting Happisburgh retreat because there is not a lot of point trying to save it any longer. We even saw bricks of buildings that had sadly fell down, whilst the soft clay rocks were being eroded away.
I'm not going to bore you into any dull geographical details about this trip, because it would make me sound like a nerd, which I must admit I can be a bit nerdy sometimes. So anyway, when we got to Sea Palling all of the girls fantasized over a gorgeous kite surfer in the sea, whilst the boys looked as bored as ever and the teachers wowed over the beautiful wide lush beach caused by the nine off shore reefs. By now everybody was just excited to eat lunch and have fun at the seaside.
Once we got into town, instead of going to have fish and chips like all of the other cool kids I sat and nibbled my little tuna and sweetcorn sandwich. This didn't stop me from running into the local 'yummy' shop and bought four fresh doughnuts (which I could not finish) and a bag of scrummy candyfloss. I then wasted £2 on two races on a kiddy karting thingymajig.
Finally, we all took the long journey home, but luckily this time the rubbish coach driver did not get lost.
EmilyBelleBlogs x