Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My revision Tips

Hello Everybody,
Now I know that this is a bit of a rubbish time to actually post something like this, considering that for most of you your exams are all over and you are now on your summer break. My last exam was yesterday, they do year 10 mocks at my school and it was a maths calculator paper (boo!). I thought I could share with you some of my revision tips with you, and whether it'll help you now or later, I hope that it can benefit you as much as possible.
 The first thing you could do is make some bright and colourful posters and plaster your walls with them. I tend to use highlighters in fancy bright colours for key points to make them eye catchy. At the bottom of each poster I like to draw little helpful diagrams (even though I despise drawing of any kind).
 Another good idea, is that when you are doing your classwork, if there is an important fact or key word that you must know for your exam highlight it and draw and big bubble around it. This means that when you are quickly flicking through your book before a big test your eyes will be drawn to the important shizzle.
 One of my favourite ways to practice, for my French speaking tests, and learning key words is by using index cards. For example, when learning French questions, I write the questions on one side and then my response on the other.
 Another great idea is to get some revision guide because they are very straight to the point and are great to use if there is a particular subject that you really did not understand in the lesson.
 Did you know that the best way to revise is to test yourself? You can find practice exam papers online and some revision guides also include them. They are great for confidence boosting, and many of the practice questions do actually come up in the real exams (or similar).
Finally, I use post it notes, for key points and reminders because they are pretty colours, and are easy to read if you are in a hurry. I also like them because when I look at them I don't think "Oh gosh! That's a lot to read and learn".
I hope you found these tips handy.
EmilyBelleBlogs x