Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Yankee Candle collection

Hello Everybody,
I must admit when it comes to things that smell sweet or spicy I just cannot keep away from them. I do tend to veer away from floral scents though, because the smell of flowers make my nose itch.
I never really got into candles until Christmas time last year, and I must admit I still don't have a huge bunch of them because I just don't get the opportunity to burn that often, mostly because I get scared that I might accidently burn the house down, but I do like a nice smelling bedroom. So here is my collection:
Christmas Tree, Strawberry Buttercream, Red Velvet, Vanilla Cupcake, Christmas Cupcake
 The first one is Christmas Tree. I promise I do not burn this unless it is Christmas time, but I thought I'd include this candle in my post anyway, because at the end of the day it is never to early to start preparing for it. I mainly bought this candle because I like the smell of Christmas tree, and because my bedroom one is pink and artificial, the candle was the only way of me getting the Christmas tree smell in my bedroom. Unfortunately though, it is just a tad too strong and it makes my eyes and nose itch, so I only brun it for about ten minutes at a time.
 The next candle is my favourite one. It is called strawberry buttercream, and I think that it smells of strawberry starburst with a hint of cakeyness. I mean just imagine that, a starburst flavoured cake, yummy!
 My next candle is called red velvet, and it smells exactly like what it says on the tin. It has a hint of chocolate with maybe a tiny fruity smell.
 The candle that I am currently burning at the moment is the Vanilla Cupcake one. It fills my room with a lovely fresh vanilla fragerance and I love it. Vanilla is by far my favourite scent purely because of its true sweetness.
My final yankee candle is called Christmas Cupcake. It also has a vanilla scent to it, but also has a fruity smell to it it, and possible a little bit of a christmas cake likelyness. Not only that but it has a nice cinnamon smell to it too.
EmilyBelleBlogs x