Thursday, 25 July 2013

School's out for the summer!!

Hello Everybody,
Today, is the first day of the summer holidays (6 weeks off) and I am so happy. I must say, this year has been an absolute rollercoaster ride, but you know what?  That is life!
Only the other day I noticed that I was becoming significantly wound up by little things, and maybe a tad more argumentative. With that said one of my friends said "Don't worry about it, we are all getting a little bit fed up with eachother and we've got the summer holidays to freshen up a bit." and how true could she be?
In this post I have decided to look back on my year, which seems to have zoomed past.
I guess I should start at the beginning, and think about the excitement of starting year 10, and only having to do my option subjects, rather than awful lessons that I knew I would never benefit from having. I remember my nerves of having my first catering practical lesson, in case I choppied my fingers off or something. As well as that, I had to write a business plan in business studies before I'd learnt any business words. My first french lesson involved a terrible vocabulary test which surprisingly I did pretty well at, and then Geography we did a hostile world topic, which I failed and got a U in, but now I'm predicted an A in the subject.
I don't really have loads of highlights the next term, apart from an awesome Christmas shopping trip with all of my closest friends. Then I had my core science exams, which went surprisingly well also. Not only that but we went to a poetry live concert, which really made me think that some poems are actually quite good, and not the boring nonsense that most of them are.
The next term, my geography and catering controlled assessments all started and the pressure was on. For geography, we had to go on a trip to Cambridge and study tourism in this area, and as much as I found this a slight challenge, if I do just as well next year I could get an A*. My practical exam in catering also went really well, although the research and evaluations did drag for a long time, but I also got an amazing grade for that.
Then, the teachers decided to be absolute bullies and make my year do mock exams six months early. Consequently, everybody was in grumpy moods and the anger started brewing. Everybody was becoming increasingly grumpy and worn down, and suddenly school became a rubbish place. There was tension in my friendship group, but somehow, we all managed to push through it, and we had some great final days of year 10.
From an amazing trip to the beach, to an awesome last few days watching movies, eating junk food and celebrating with the rest of the thankful year. We had made it halfway through our GCSE years, and now the hardwork truly began...

EmilyBelleBlogs x