Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What is on my nails??

Hello Everybody,
It has been a while since I have done a 'what is on my nails?' post so I thought it was about time a treated you to one...
I was having quite a pink and glittery week last week, so I thought, why not make my hand look pink and glittery too.
I've had the Barry M strawberry ice-cream for some time now and I love it. It is such a cute pastel pink colour and goes with pretty much everything (apart from red, do not try it). It is quite a buildable colour, so the more coats you put onto you nails the brighter and more opaque it gates. I had to put on three coats before I got my desired shade, but I really wasn't too worried by that because it drys super duper quickly.
For my thumb and my accent finger (forth finger) I used the pink silver glitter Barry M nail polish over the strawberry ice-cream colour. I did this to add a little bit of girliness (made up word) and sparkle to my finished nail look.
I was really pleased with the finished look, and overall love Barry M because I know it'll last a good week without chipping. I cannot wait to buy and try out their Gelly collection soon.
EmilyBelleblogs x