Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Balance me- pure skin face wash

Hello Everybody, 
Firstly, I'm sorry if this post is rushed or looks funny at all, for some reason every time I go onto my laptop to update my blog, the Internet is like "no" which is totally random because every other website I've been on this morning is working, even my actual blog URL. 
Anyway, today's post is about Balance Me pure skin face wash which is absolutely fabulous. I've never really tried anything different from clearasil's skin perfecting wash, so this was definitely a surprise.
This particular cleanser was actually a freebee in the glamour magazine, so it was definitely a bargain. The pure skin face wash is for normal/combination skin which is perfect for me because I can get fairly oily skin in my t section but also a quite dry chin, but other then that my skin is fairly normal. 
For 125ml the cleanser is £16 which is too pricey for me but was definitely worth the freebee sample size of 50ml. The cleanser removes nearly all of your makeup and daily grime which helps your skin achieve a healthy and clean look without taking away it's moisture. 
One thing I didn't like about this particular product was the smell, which is frankincense, grapefruit and ylang ylang which smells awfully strong, and as many of you know I just do not like. I would prefer it if it had no scent or was slightly fruity. 
Other than that though, the cleanser cleared my skin, de clogged my pores and made my skin feel totally smooth and lovely. Also, the size of the bottle is perfect for summer travelling. 
I hope to have my blogger up and running properly as soon as possible because it has really bothered me this morning and is rather annoying. 
Emilybelleblogs x
PS: I have finally managed to get onto the site so a nicer picture of the product is up. Thank you all for cooperating with my technical difficulties this morning, and if you have any questions, please comment below or email me at emilybelleblogs@gmail.com.