Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I've done it! I've finished a book!!

Hello Everybody,
As many of you will be aware, over a week ago I did a post about reading. One of the things I mentioned I would do, was finish off my current book this summer, and read a little bit a day. I am pleased to announce, that I have finished the book, and have already jumped into reading a new one.
The book I had been reading is 'Is it just me?' by Miranda Hart.
I thought to myself, why not be all nerdy and do a book review, just to prove to you lot that I did read it. Basically, the book is by Miranda Hart and she talks about random and strange comedic things that have happened in her life, all following with the simple question "Is it just me?".
Also, during the book Miranda discusses lifes awkward but rewarding with her younger self. This was almost on a whim to pass on a little wisdom that she has picked up whilst growing up.
I really loved this book, because it contained a lot of comedy, and sort of gave me the impression that if things go wrong, or not quite how you planned them too, just brush yourself off and laugh about it later. Also, in the final chapter called Dreams, Miranda says that you should follow your dream in the pit of your stomach no matter what other people say of think.
I was reasonable surprised how inspirational this book is, and that it still has good bits of comedy in between. I highly recommend this book, whether you like Miranda or not.
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