Saturday, 3 August 2013

Maybelline New York- Colorsensational cream gloss

Hello Everybody,
Okay, so I've done it again, another later in the day post. But, I have been having a fairly productive day for once. Firstly, I have rearranged my bedroom furniture, so my room now seems so much more practical. Also, I have been reading, as you would know from a previous post, I do not read very much, but I only have one more chapter left of my Miranda Hart book (YAY!). Not only that, but if you follow my instagram, you will know that I have also bought for new books, all for £10 in ASDA- bargain.
Anyway, I suppose I should really start with my review before I ramble on about reading again, because that will most probably bore you incredibly. Today's post is about the Maybelline colorsensational cream gloss, and boy am I excited to share this product with you.
 First things first, I want you all to smell this thing. If you have it, get out of your makeup drawer, bag or handbag now, and inhale those wonderful fumes. Is it just me, or does it smell like gummy bears? I just can't begin to think that somebody wouldn't like the smell of this lip gloss, it is smells so sweet, fruity and yummy that you just want to lick the product off of the applicator, but please do not because of the following:
  1. It might make you ill.
  2. It is not edible.
  3. I've tried to lick it off of my lips, and it doesn't taste too pleasant.
  4. It certainly is not mushed up gummy bears in a tube.
  5. It will waste such a wonderful lip product.
 The Maybelline colorsensational, had a little bit of a random name I believe, I not sure whether there are different colours (and if so I do not know what this one is) but it doesn't really have much colour in it. The particular one I have is reasonably glossy, a light shade of pink and quite shimmery- shimmery is such an awesome word.
I think this gloss is quite sheer, and really good for layering lip colours, for example, using it on top of my Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Also, it is quite moisturising, so it can be very good used with other lip colours, because many just dry my lips out.
Another thing I would like to point out about this product is the application wand thingymajig. It makes this gloss so easy to apply, and is a really good shape, so it glides across my lips perfectly. I would say that it is a little bit harder to apply on my upper lip, but the product is so blendable and workable, that I just have to rub my lips together, and kapow, a glamorous pout!
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