Thursday, 22 August 2013

Revlon colorburst lip butter

Hello Everybody,
I know what you fellow beauty lovers are thinking "Emily's a bit late on the bandwagon with these things!", well, you lie... I've actually had the two colours that I own for ages now, I just forgot that I have never actually reviewed them. I've had them them for so long that one of them was so lovingly used by myself  (and my mum, most probably) that it snapped, it snapped I tell you. I was not happy. So, guess what I did? Rather than watch Michelle Phan's video on fixing broken makeup, I was lazy, and just stuck it back together, which means basically it is still broken *thought to self, I really need to watch that video*.
But, I am not going to dwell on the thought that one of my lip butters is in a bit of a sorry state because it is still useable (YAAAAY!). I have two colours, both of which are pinks, one is a darker pink called strawberry shortcake, and another which is a pale, baby pink called cupcake (and no, I didn't just buy it for the name, okay, I did). Both are very beautiful pinks and I love them both.
As many of you would know, these lip butters are very creamy and moisterizing, which makes you lips feel very healthy. Although, the creamyness does come with a warning:
  1. If you keep the lip butters in a hot place, they WILL melt.
  2. If you have chapped lips, they look absolutely awful.
  3. They are not massively long lasting.
Other then that both of the colours are beautiful, even though they are fairly sheer and not very pigmented, they both look super duper pretty, especially when layered over lip stains. My favourite combination at the moment has to be wearing cupcake over my revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in the colour honey.
The Revlon lip butters are fairly affordable at £7.99, but overall I think you could do better, considering it really just is a tinted lip balm. Plus, maybelline have now released their ever so popular, baby lips, and a couple of them are tinted, but they are only £2.99, so are much more better value for their money. Although, that being said, I would happily buy some of their other colours to try.
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