Tuesday, 13 August 2013

That random cereal post- Curiously Strawberry

Hello Everybody,
Now I know what you're thinking, Emily is a little bit of a weirdo, talking about cereal. But, in all honesty we all have that weakness in one type of cereal, whether it is 'Lucky Charms' or porridge. I've always stuggled to find my favourite cereal, but when I heard out about these, I literally begged my mum to get me some. Besides, I'm only fifthteen, so it's exceptable to ask your parents occasionally for some cereal, surely?
As I said earlier, I've struggled quite a bit to find a cereal I truly enjoy. I have tried all sorts, from bran flakes (which makes you need the toilet a tad too much) to wheetabix, which I'd been eating for years but found a bit boring (and I couldn't bring myself to put fruit with it). I eventually resorted to coco pops which tastes good, but isn't the most healthy breakfast option.
So, after being on holiday for four nights in Scotland and having fry ups every morning I was relieved to just have a nice bowl of curiously strawberry. They have all the goodness of a healthy bowl of cereal, but also satisfy my sweet tooth with the strawberry flavour.
They are basically crunchy whole grain squares that are covered in strawberry swirls. The cereal is only 6% of the guideling daily amount of calories, but I guess that leaves room for a few treats throughout the day. This cereal also contains 10 different types of vitamins and minerals (which surely has to be a good thing, right?).
I'm not going to bore you with any more scientific nutritional rubbish, but I thought some people would be interested in that stuff, even though it was boring myself. All I have done this post really for is because I was super duper excited about it, and I think it is incredibly delicious.
So get off your gadgets, be it a phone or laptop, and get your butts down to the local supermarket, count your loose change, and buy this superb invention of cereal, NOW!!
Bon appetit et toodles (say it in a french accent, go on, I know you want to, it's fun),
EmilyBelleBlog x