Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to school- Morning routine

Hello Everybody,
Yes, it is that sad time of the year again when we have to go back to school. But, in some ways, I am so excited. Autumn is just around the corner, which means, cosy jumpers, warm drinks, scarves and mittens, bonfires, Halloween, carving pumpkins, movie nights, leaves changing colour, long cool walks with the leaves crunching beneath our feet, nice smelling candles and most of all the boots can come back out (woohoo!).
As you can probably already tell, I am trying to be optimistic and think about all of the great things that are happening soon, rather than thinking "Oh great, I've got exams this year!". Some other great things about this part of the year is Christmas, bonfire night and parties. I have realised that the gap between September and December always seems to wizz past, so I want to make the most of whats left of 2013, and jump into 2014 with a skip in my step.
For me, being organised and having good routine always makes me feel more organised and ready for what the day has to throw at me. Routine is good way for your body to feel more awake and ready to concentrate on the work ahead; it also means that you can relax more and not feel stressed that you have forgotten something. Let's face it people, we have all had a day when we have gotten down the road from our house and thought "Shoot, I've forgotten my P.E kit!" or "Bum! I didn't brush my teeth." sometimes causing sudden panic, racing home and then being late for school, causing even more back to school blues.
The good thing about being in a routine is that eventually we get to a habit of following the routine religiously, meaning less morning grumpiness.
Today I have decided to share with you my morning routine, as I know some people can find it hard to know what to do when they get up in the morning. I am going to include times, so I thought I should prewarn you that my school starts at 8:45am, which is painful to think about considering I go back to school in 2 days.
My Routine!!
At 7am I get up, I don't put a snooze on my alarm because I find that that makes me feel even more tired.
I then do a few exercizes, which may seem a little extreme for a morning but it wakes me up and keeps my body in good enough shape. I tend to do 20 sit ups and a minute long plank (occasionally I do some squats if I feel like my legs need a workout).
Next I go into the bathroom and have a wash with my cleanser. I like to wash with cold water as it brightens up my face and wakes me up. I choose not to have a shower in the morning because I don't have time. But don't worry, I shower in the evening.
I then put my school uniform on, this is the moment I usually forget how to tie a tie on my first day back at school and stand there figuring it out for the next ten minutes *note to self, practice tomorrow night*.
I then do my hair, which tends to be a ponytail, plait or bun, I don't like having my hair down because I have to tie it up for catering and P.E anyway.
I then do my makeup, which I try to keep to a minimum as loud makeup can be a little inappropriate for a day at school.
After that I have my breakfast, which tends to consist of cereal or toast. Occasionally I will have a banana if I need extra brain power for that day.
Next I brush my teeth. I know some people do this before breakfast, but to me that doesn't make much sense as your breakfast will then taste minty and your teeth will get dirty again.
I then check my room is tidy, because I can make a mess getting ready for the day and make my bed.
Afterwards, I pack my school bag, although I tend to put my correct books in my bag the night before with any due homework, I do like to double check. Packing my school bag also includes my lunch and snack which consists of a sandwich or pasta, an apple, a banana and a granola bar.
Finally, at ten past eight I leave my house, meet for my friends so we make it to school fifteen minutes before registration. This gives us time to get to our classrooms and chat to any friends along the way. It also means we aren't doing any last minute rushing around.
I hope you enjoyed todays back to school post, and Thursdays post will be a what's in my school bag post. I know my back to school series is a tad late, but I had a lot of posts scheduled as I was on a family holiday in the Netherlands.
EmilyBelleBlogs x