Thursday, 12 September 2013

I love autumn tag

Hello Everybody,
As many of you may have gathered by now, I am a huge fan of autumn. From warm jumpers, to colourful leaves, everything seems so beautiful and cosy about autumn. For this reason I have decided to create a tag post for it, because I am interested to see what everyone else loves about autumn. So without further ado, here it is...

1. What is your favourite piece of clothing to be wearing in Autumn?

For me I love all things jumper related, but at the moment I am loving my cream knitted cardigan from New Look. It is quite over sized, so I always feel super duper cosy wearing it. Also, it goes with practically everything in my wardrobe. I also love my maroon tights and Doc Marten boots.

2. What is you favourite nail colour for Autumn?

Personally, in Autumn I love deep purples and burgandy reds on my nails. Although, I hate painting my nails with dark colours, because it is a pain to clean up, I love the look of it when it is on my nails. Also, it matches the leaves on the trees, so it makes me feel really happy.

3. What is your favourite makeup product for Autumn?

I love, love, love wearing darker colours on my lips in the autumn. For school I like to wear my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in the colour honey, because it is a slightly dark purpley pink colour but isn't too dark and flirty for school. Outside of school though I like to wear the Bourjois Colour Boost  Glossy Finsh Lipstick in the colour red sunrise, it is quite a bright red, probably the colour of strawberrys is the best way to describe it. It looks so lovely against, the purples and oranges that are in during the autumnal months.

4. What is your favourite beauty product to use during autumn?

I can't decide between two, which is bad considering it is my own tag, but oh well, I'll say both. First of all, I love to use the Maybelline Baby lips during these cooler months. Although I have only just started to use them, my lips already started to feel so much more hydrated and I love it, especially considering the cold always chaps my lips. But I also love using Soap and Glorys Hand food, because I love having smooth hands and can't stand them being dry.

5. What item of clothing do you love wearing at home, but woudn't be seen wearing it in public?

This has to be my primark cupcake onesie. Although it is so super duper cosy, it is a little bit embarassing and I look like a little kid wondering around in it. Also, I think I'd look like a bit of a fool wondering around town wearing it.

6. What is you favourite drink for the Autumn weather?

I love hot drinks when the weather is cooler outside. I love drinking my apple tea that I got from my best friend Katie as a holiday present, because it is so warming, and I love apples. But, I have to say my favourite drink for the winter would have to be my milka hot chocolate, it is 'da bomb'!!

7. What is your favourite winter food?

I would probably have to say a good roast dinner with all of the trimmings, including parsnips and roast potatoes, or a garden vegetable soup. To me both of these meals are super duper warming and make me feel so lovely and cosy.

8. What is you favourite thing to do in the autumn?

I know this may seem a little bit weird, but I love kicking the crunchy leaves that have fallen off of the trees. I remember doing it last year, and my friends Louisa and Ellie looking at me thinking "We don't know her!". I suppose it is a little bit of a childish thing to do but it always makes such a beautiful noise, and always looks so pretty.

9. What is you favourite accessory?

My favourite accessory to wear in the autumn has got to be my long cream scarf with its dark blues fairisle print, and its cutes tassles at the bottom. Not only does it keep my neck warm, but it looks wonderfully cosy and makes my school uniform look a little bit more me.

10. What is you favourite Autumn scent?

My favourite autumn scent has to be something with vanilla or cinnamon in it. Both smell so sweet and make me feel really festive even when Christmas is still really far away. I also love the smell of cranberry in autumn. Oh, and the smell of rain, which makes me really what to buy that November rain Yankee Candle. At the moment I am burning my Christmas cupcake one, and I am wearing my natural collection body spray.

11. How do you like to have your hair in the autumn?

I do like to change up my hairstyle but I suppose my favourite hairstyle to do during the autumn months is a diagonal French braid. I start plaiting from the top of the left side of my head and finish at the bottom on the right, if that makes any sense? I also like having my hair in a ponytail with a bow, or in a bun with a bow. I do like bows very much. 

12. Do you love autumn?

Well considering I made the tag this is a bit of a daft question for me, but I'm going to state the obvious and say, of course I do!! I love the jumpers, colourful leaves, the brisk breeze, hot chocolates, bon fires, smores, hiking, blankets and cuddling, halloween, woolly socks, scented candles, the smell of cinnamon, crunchy leaves, walks and scarves and mittens.
I hope you liked this tag that I created, and I would like to tag my good friend Heather and everybody else who has read this and want to give it a go. Please post your responses in the comments below, or link your blogs in the comments if you try it on your own site.
Thanks for reading this.
EmilyBelleBlogs x