Thursday, 19 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hello Everybody,
I have have been sucked into the latest beauty rave, and boy do I not regret it. As probably everyone in the beauty world now know, is that the Maybelline Baby lips have finally made there way to the UK. As soon as I found out that they were coming to England I did a little victory lap around the neighbourhood (obviously that isn't true, but it sounds cool.).
Anyway, I searched high and low in the shops for them since the day they were released, and every single drugstore and supermarket I went too there was nothing. I knew they did them online, but I'm not really an internet shopper, and I didn't really want to pay for delivery that was more expensive than the actual product.
Finally, at the beginning of September, as I was casually wondering around my local superdrug, with no plan to find them *because I'd sort of given up by then* I found one. I really wanted to try the tinted ones, so I when I saw the pink punch one, I literally squealed and hugged my closest friend, sorry Louisa.
Anyway, the pink punch is obviously the pink one, and you actually wouldn't believe *unless you already have this* how amazballs this actually smells. I'm going to try my best to describe this, which trust me I'm not very good at, but I think it sort of smells like a mixture, of raspberries, strawberries and peach.
The hydration in this is good, but obviously not as great as nivea lip balms, but I still think they are better, than the revlon lip butters. Unfortunately, the tint isn't very pigmented and is actually quite sheer, but either way, you can still tell the colour difference though. Another bad thing about the baby lips is that they don't stay on your lips for too long. Overall, I still love the baby lips in pink punch.
At last the other day, while I was wondering around a boots, I spotted the baby lips in Cherry Me  through the corner of my eye. I didn't actually have any plan on buying this though, because I am on 'project no buy' as I call it at the moment, which means I have to go for as long as I can not buying any beauty products. But, I didn't fail, because I used my Boots points, so all was fine.
The cherry me baby lips is the red one and smells of the most delicious cherry flavour ever, and I adore the smell of cherries. Just like the pink punch baby lips, the colour payoff isn't that great, but it is great subtle red for school, and still moisterizes my lips. At the moment this one is my favourite, but they keep swapping around.
Overall, I highly recommend baby lips, because for just £2.99 they are amazing quality, I mean who new you could get a scented, tinted lip balm for such a cheap price?
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