Thursday, 5 September 2013

My 50th Post

Hello Everybody,
Although I did tell you guys originally, that today I would do a "What's in my school bag?" post I thought "Hold on, that can wait!", because today's post is my 50th post, and that is absolutely insane. Also, I thought that I should wait for my new planner until I do that, so first of all, sorry to all of you lovely readers that are disappointed in this sudden change of plans. I promise that on Saturday, I will have that post up, and if it gives you any ideas, then you can hit the back to school sales and save a bunch of pennies "How about that then?".
I didn't really know what picture would be relevant for my 50th post, but as it's 'Throwback Thursday' I thought "Why not show an embarassing old photo of myself to the bloggersphere?". Also, it sort of links to growing as a person theme, as I've learnt a lot of things since I was this small.
When I noticed that this was my 50th post I couldn't believe it. I mean I haven't really been blogging for that long, but since my first post which was a Favourite skincare products post a lot has changed. From May the 12th to present I feel that I have grown more confident, gained new skills and definitely learnt some new things about myself.
I have learnt that if there is something that you really want to do but are scared of what other people might think, do it anyway. When the thought of blogging popped into my mind about a year ago, I winced at the thought of what others may think of me doing it. I thought that because I wasn't the most popular and coolest person at school people might judge me for it, but in fact, people didn't care. I've known four people since then who have given blogging a try, and although I'm not sure whether a couple of them are still doing it, they tried, and that is what they should be proud of.
Blogging is a commitment, it isn't just something that people can just do in a couple of seconds, it can take a good few hours a week. But for me, I enjoy it. Blogging is where I can share my thoughts to the world, and enjoy being able to talk loads but not get moaned at because it is read by people. I can talk to people that enjoy the same thing as I do, and I can be myself. Since May the 12th I've learnt to be ture to myself and to not pretend to be someone I'm not. I have learnt that people like me just the way I am *starts singing 'Just the way you are' in my head*, I mean if people didn't like reading my posts then I wouldn't have had over 1700 pageviews already.
I am proud of what I have achieved. I mean, I suppose to some people my figures might not be record breakers, but to me they are. Every milestone I hit I celebrate inside my mind, it excites me that as I write somebody is reading my blog. I'm just a boring teenager from England to most people, but to my special readers I'm more than that, I am the girl behind the computer screen, that in some cases lives the other side of the world and that shares her thoughts with them.
Every single one of my readers is my friend, because even though I haven't seen many of them (a few I know because they are close friends and family) they have all made me smile. They have all made me the blogger that I am today, and have all made me confident enough to share my opinions with them. It really touches me that I may have influenced someone to try something new, and although I may have also influenced them to spend a little bit of money, I have hopefully made them happy. It also makes me smile that my advice has maybe helped someone, it has certainly helped me and I'm the one writing the thing.
My blog has helped me to be positive and to think of happy things in life. I know, because I'm with you every step of the way that being a teenager is tough, but that is just because we have a lot happening. We are growing up, and of course that is going to make us emotional *I am shedding a tear right this moment because my post is getting a little bit deep* but we have so much great things happening too. Whenever a bad thing happens to me I think "Oh well, I might have gained a new pageview", but little things like that can touch people.
If anyone that knows me is reading this I can be a little bit excitable at the best of times, and you can probably tell that even this is making me jump for joy. I have learnt to be myself, in beauty, fashion and life, because somewhere out there, there is somebody waiting to meet someone just like me. We are all unique, and should never be scared of trying something new, because at the end of the day, sometimes you need to think about what makes you happy. That is why I chose blogging, because it made me happy, confident and comfortable within myself, and not only that but I'm damn sure I've made someone else be happy too.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
PS: I would like to apologise for the length of this post, but if you have got to the bottom of it then you should give yourself a round of applause because you have survived one of my many rambles, and that is an achievement.