Saturday, 7 September 2013

What is in my school bag?

Hello Everybody,
As promised, today I am going to do a 'what is in my school bag?' post. Firstly, I would like to add that this year none of my school items are new apart from the planner that is provided by my school. I decided that this year after a big splurge on all things stationary and back to school related last year I would challenge myself to not get anything new, because I simply didn't need it. Apart from repurchasing the odd pens here and now, I never ran out of any stationary and decided to live with the fact that pens and pencils just do not stay clean in a pencil case.
Not only that, but I haven't included exercise books in this post, because they also get provided by the school where I go, so I am just going to show you the bits and pieces I choose to take to school with me. I hope you all like this post, and whether your at work or do go to school, this post helps you a tiny bit.
First, I am going to show you what is in my main pocket of my school bag. I keep my planner in my main pocket so it is easy to reach, and also because it doesn't fit in the smaller ones. I use my planner to record homework, important date and reminders in it. I choose to make my planner uber colourful, because it makes my planner not look as sad when I see the heaps of homework recorded inside it. I also have a notebook in my big pocket just in case I forget an exercise book or something. In this pocket I also have, a tin of colouring pencils, and flexible ruler (YAY!) and my pencil case, which I keep, pens, erasers, highlighters, coloured pens and HB pencils inside.
In the first of three little pockets on my bag I keep all of my maths stuff inside, this is why I call the pocket 'my maths pocket', that was meant to be funny until I said it out loud and realised it really just killed it. Anyway, this pocket is where I keep my geometry set and scientific calculator. I always carry around my scientific calculator with me because it is also needed for science, and teachers absolutely hate it if you forget it.
In my second mini pocket I keep tissues, because I live in England and you can't go a winter term without catching the wonderful cold (shout out to Kerry, because she has the most horrible cold ever at the moment and I really don't want her to give it to me, don't you dare ;)). I also keep my body shop grapefruit hand sanitizer in this pocket, because as I just basically said, school is a very germy place. Also, people are always hogging the sinks whenever I am going to the loo because they are busy re-applying makeup a or doing their hair. In this pocket I also keep blister plasters and a nail file just in case of emergency. I have a mini suncream also, because as I mentioned before I live in England and the weather can be so unpredictable at times. Not only that, but I also have hand cream, because I can't stand the feeling of dry hands. Finally in this pocket I keep some hair bands and bobby pins, just in case I forget to tie my hair up for a catering or PE day, or in case we are doing an experiment in science.
In my final mini pocket I keep, a mini deodharant, mainly for after PE. A small perfume, which smells of blueberrys and is from sephora.I also keep a compact mirror in this pocket and a lip balm, the lip balm I am currently using is Baby Lips Pink Punch with smells absolutely wonderful and is slightly tinted.
I also have a secret pocket at the back of my bag where I keep my phone and door keys, because it is easier for me to reach that way. I don't actually take any makeup with me to school (apart from lip balms) because I don't find the school a very clean place to do it, and if you put decent long lasting makeup on for school, it shouldn't need re-applying. Also makeup should be pretty minimalistic for school.
I hope you enjoyed another one of my back to school specials, and if you want more of these please comment any suggestions. Also, I have a lot of makeup reviews coming soon.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
PS: I forgot to say I bought my rucksack from accesserize last year, I am not sure whether they still sell it, but overall it is a good bag apart from a few fasteners breaking. I like having a rucksack also, because it stops me from getting a dead arm, like a tote or a shoulder bag would.