Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another BodyShop review. What?!

Hello Everybody,
Firstly, I am really sorry if this post turns out short and rushed. My school were let out early today, but I decided to spend hours revising for a mock geography test I have tomorrow, I know, I'm so productive. In fact, I didn't get distracted once. So after getting home and making myself a linguine and cheese, I went upstairs and spent a hour and forty-five minutes revising.
Anyway, I'm in a rush now because I have to head off back to school, because I am helping out the catering department for open evening. Two and a half hours of catering this evening is going to kill me! Only joking, but I will probably look like a hot mess when I get out the kitchen, because I've decided to make something that may take a while.
I am going to do a really quick review on another Bodyshop product today, and it is their body butter in passion fruit. Yet again I believe passion fruit is quite summery but for some reason the smell still seems so autumnal. This is probably because it is a sweet and refreshing smell, without the sharpness of citrus fruits, like may all time favourite, pink grapefruit.
I wouldn't say that the body butter is life changingly (I know that isn't a real word) moisturising, but it does smell absolutely delicious. Personally, compared to my vineyard peach body lotion, I think it's formula isn't very good. It does moisturise your body, but not to the noticeable extent that the Bodyshop's body lotions do. But, I have to admit I do prefer that smell of the passion fruit body butter.
I have the 200ml pot of the body butter, which is plenty big enough, because you don't need tonnes of the product. Some people may use more than me though, because I like my skin to be pleasantly hydrated and not disgustingly greasy. I believe that the passion fruit body butter is currently selling at £13.00 but watch out for some sales, because I have noticed that Bodyshop do regularly have good deals going on.
I hope you enjoyed today's post even though it was written in a massive rush, and also that you are okay with my many Bodyshop posts at the moment.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
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