Thursday, 17 October 2013

Beauty Wars... Nivea lip butter vs Vaseline

Hello everybody,
 As winter is drawing in so are the dreaded chapped lips. I am a lip balm freak, with loads of different lip balms filling my beauty drawer, and never leaving the house without them all of my friends know where to come if their lips are feeling a little sore.
I thought that as I have a little collection coming together that I would have a little competition between my most used and favourite lip balms. Both are fairly similar in design and use, and fairly hyped about, but they also are quite different. Obviously, the two lip balms I am reviewing are the Nivea lip butter in the flavour caramel cream, and the other is Vaseline in the cocoa butter flavour.
First of all, let me talk about the packaging. Both lip balms come in cute little tins, both also of similar sizes. Nivea's lip balm comes in quite a thin tin, and the lid is so easy to slide off. The tin is a pretty white colour with a a cute picture of what I believe is a piece of fudge. The Vaseline packaging is also a little tin. It has the traditional Vaseline design, which I suppose it quite well known by everybody. Also, because I have the cocoa butter Vaseline the tin is brown and white. I find that the lid is a little tougher to open than the Nivea lip butter, especially if you do not have long nails. So that brings the score the Nivea 1- Vaseline 0
Next I am going to talk about the smell. Out of these two lip balms, the Nivea lip butter is definitely my favourite smelling one. The Nivea lip butter smells like a fudge shop, and I would certainly eat it if it was edible. I can't really describe the Vaseline fragrance, but I if you know what cocoa butter smells like then it is pretty self explanatory. So that leaves the score at Nivea 2- Vaseline 0.
I suppose you are all wondering what application of these two lip balms are like. Nivea's lip butter has quite a creamy texture which means it is quite messy to apply, because if it isn't smothered on properly it is still quite visible, and undoubtedly looks a bit stupid if it isn't applied fully. Vaseline is quite greasy, but that means it is quite easy to administer to your lips without any fuss, and also it is clear, which means you don't have to worry about any messy bits left on you lips. So the score is now Nivea 2- Vaseline 1.
Finally I am going to review their overall effect. Nivea seems to have an amazing stay power and leaves my lips feeling silky smooth for a good few hours. Also, because the lip balms consistency is reasonably creamy, it leaves my lips feeling comfortably smooth without it being too greasy. I find that Nivea's lip butter is also unquestionably moisturising, so it definitely does it's job. Vaseline also is awesomely moisturising, and works very well. Unfortunately, due to it's greasiness it makes my lips feel quite unclean and it doesn't last quite as long as Nivea's lip butter. The upside of this greasiness is that it can be used for other things, such as putting on you cuticles before painting your nails so you don't make a mess. I think that means that they both deserve a point because they do both have some pretty good upsides about them, which leaves the score at Nivea 3-Vaseline 2.
Overall, that means that Nivea is my favourite, although just remember that this is just my opinion and I will recommend them both of them because they still both do their appropriate jobs, and are definitely great to use for those dreaded winter chapped lips.
I hope you enjoyed my first beauty wars edition, and if would like me to do another, then comment below, or drop me a message on any of my links at the bottom of this post.
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