Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Beauty wars... Soap&Glory vs Bodyshop body butter

Hello Everybody,
Can you believe it's already Tuesday? No, me neither. I have had a really relaxing day actually, done a bit of homework, housework and baking, and somehow I'm feeling surprising chilled. In fact, just a moment ago I managed to sit down and write a list of future posts for my blog. I am so happy about this because recently a bit of 'writers block' has been kicking in and it has been really hard for me to be creative and think of some ideas. Finally, I am really excited for some posts that are coming in the near future. I think this half term is really doing me some good.
Due to the great response I got on my first 'Beauty wars' post I thought it was about time I treated you all to another one. It took me a while for me to find some similar products that I had that I could do a comparative review on, but credits to my friend (also named Emily) she suggested body butters.
The two body butters I am going to be reviewing are Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter and Bodyshop's pink grapefruit body butter.

Round One

Packaging, to be honest the packaging on both of these products are very much similar. Both body butters are in a round screw top plastic tub and are also both light shades of pink. My Soap&Glory Body butter is smaller but that is only because of the fact that it is 50ml sample pot and my Bodyshop body butter is a 200ml full size pot.
The image on the lid of the Soap&Glory body butter is a traditional, but personally I find it a bit too over the top for some packaging. The image is basically a woman having a shower, in a vintage back and white effect. Every little place that needs to be censored in the image is covered by advertising, and information, but seriously, is there a need for a nearly nude picture? I guess it isn't as bad as Lady Gaga's outfit on X factor on Sunday though, as much as I love Lady Gaga's, what she was wearing was a little bit weird.
The Pink Grapefruit's body butter is a little bit more simple. There is a large picture of a grapefruit on the lid of the pot, and then their logo in the middle of it. I have to admit that the lid is a little bit boring, but it is much more appropriate for what the product is in comparison to the Soap&Glory 's lid. All of the essential information is around the sides of this product rather than on top.
Bodyshop 1- Soap&Glory 0

Round Two

Use, both of these products are clearly used to moisturise and hydrate your skin, and I think they both work well for that. I don't really have much to say for this round, but I would definitely  that Soap&Glory probably scrapes this round. With Soap&Glory your skin stays just that little bit more hydrated than Bodyshop's for a short while longer. You can also feel the difference between the products, because Soap&Glory's body butter actually feels like it is sinking into your skins pores and feeding it with plenty of moisture, whereas Bodyshop's still moisturises but only feels like it is sitting on top of your skin.
Bodyshop 1- Soap&Glory 1

Round Three

This is the final round and it is on fragrance. Both of these products smell wonderful yet are very different at the same time. Soap&Glory's body butter smells very fresh and soapy, which I don't normally like, but I don't mind it in body products. This product contains shea butter and aloe vera, if that helps with anyone who is currently trying to figure out what on Earth this body butter smells like, because let's face it, my descriptions are awful.
Bodyshop's pink grapefruit body butter clearly smells of grapefruit. Personally, I prefer the smell of this product because it smells very fruity and has a nice citrus twang to it, which is definitely more up my street.
Bodyshop 2- Soap&Glory 1
Clearly, the winner of this beauty wars for me is Bodyshops Pink Grapefruit body butter. Don't forget that this is only an opinion and I hope that this helps with any of you who are debating over what to buy. I am going to be honest and say that normally I would buy a product on it's actually use, rather than scent and packaging. But, to be honest they are both very good products and it was a very close call.
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