Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bodyshop Vineyard Peach Body Lotion

Hello everybody,
Today I thought I'd share my thoughts on one of my favourite body lotions at the moment. I suppose body lotion is one of those things that everyone enjoys using but either forgets to moisturise occasionally, or just cannot be bothered. I admit I am just the same, I see the bottle hanging around on my dressing table after already putting my clothes on after a shower and think "Oh bum, I forgot again!".
To me re hydrating my skin is an important part of my beauty routine, and as the cold weather is drawing in, it is getting more and more important that we remember. Personally, I believe, whether you young or old, male or female, everybody needs to moisturise. Dry, flaking, tight skin is just not nice, whether it's on yourself, or it is visible on others.
The reason why we find our skin drying out more in the colder months is believe it or not the heating indoors. It takes all of the moisture out of our skin, and removes that lovely rosy glow in our cheeks. Obviously we can't just turn off the heating and freeze at nights to keep our skin looking nice, and that is why we need to get the body lotions out and pamper ourselves.
Oops! A bit of a lopsided picture, but you get the gist xx
I've always loved using Bodyshop body butters and lotions, as they are quite heavy and actually feel like they are doing something beneficial for my skin. At the moment I am loving my vineyard peach body lotion.
Firstly, this body lotion smells amazing, but me being me I have no idea how to describe it. Just like any bodyshop product that I have tried, it smells exactly like what it says in the name, so of course, it smells like peaches. Normally I would associate peaches as a summer fruit and would probably use a more spicy scented product, but to be perfectly honest, I want to smell sweet and not spicy, so I am thoroughly enjoying this body lotion.
Another great thing about the body lotion compared to Bodyshops body butter is that it comes in a pump bottle. This means that you can get the product out with great ease, and that a good amount comes out in one pump. Sometimes I find using a body butter is a little bit messy, although don't get me wrong, I still love them.
Finally, I should talk about the skin benefits of this product. Firstly, it definitely hydrates my skin. Of course, the body lotion doesn't leave my skin perfect after one use, but with regular use it leaves my skin wonderfully smooth and healthy feeling. Oh, I also almost forgot to say that Bodyshop are completely against animal testing, which completely sells it to me.
The pump bottle contains 250mls of product and costs £8.00. Personally I think this is a great price for a 250ml bottle of body lotion, but if you are trying to look after you pocket, you should be aware that Bodyshop often do great deals on their products.
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