Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chat time!!

Hello Everybody,
I suppose I should explain myself as to why, yet again, I have failed to put a post up for you lovely readers in the morning, and the truth is, I have been quite busy. I never actually noticed until now how busy school is getting at the moment, being in year eleven. But, this isn't going to stop me from blogging, and you guys are now at the top of my priorities when it comes to Sunday free time. Usually on Sunday's I do absolutely nothing for hours, feel sorry for myself for having no friends (I do have friends, they're just all very busy people also) and end up watching about 5 films, which no doubt, I watched the week before.
I thought I'd give you the run down on life recently, and to be honest, I'm pretty happy. After being totally grumpy for the majority of the summer, due to me thinking about all of the negative things that have happened or may happen in the future, I have decided to live in the present and look forward to the good things in life.
For example, for ages I was feeling pooey when I got an E for my 'Of Mice and Men' controlled assessment in English. I was beating myself up about it for months, but this week in particular I have thought, why dwell on that when it is in the past? Yes, you can retake it and do better because you know you can, but don't wind yourself up about something that has already happened that you can no longer change.
I suppose what I am trying to say to everybody, is to live for today, and not yesterday or tomorrow. We can all have aspirations and work hard for them, but when we're worrying or feeling rubbish about something that has either happened or not happened, we forget to enjoy the moment. It would have been so easy for me to sit in English today and be in a miserable mood, but why should I be when my teacher has just shared a whole tin of celebrations to her class, and told us that we can retake our reading essay on a different book?
Of course it's hard to say positive all the time, especially with hormones, exams and most of all, negative friends, but nobody said life would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it. Even I have surprised myself when I say that I haven't even noticed the fact that I am doing coursework in practically every subject and exams in others. Obviously I'm revising, but because I am living in the moment the stress and the worry has drifted off elsewhere. Even for me it isn't normal to wake up on the day of a maths exam and actually be confident and happy, but I was. It felt good sitting in that maths room and doing my practice exam, and feeling calm and in control.
I know for some people feeling in control at crucial moments in there life is hard, but the easiest way to feel in control is live in that moment, and forget what may have happened or might  happen.
I hope you didn't find my repetative ramble to tedious, and you find it somewhat profitable.
Enjoy your Friday,
EmilyBelleBlogs x