Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What am I using on my hair??

Hello Everybody,
Now I know this was ages ago, when I first started blogging I did a post about what I used in the shower, in fact it was my 3rd ever post, which you can look at here. It is a little bit awkward and embarrassing, but in some ways looking back at my old posts makes me think about how much my blogging has changed already, and how much it has improved and I have already settled into a fairly nice blogging style.
Recently I have been changing what I have been using on my hair quite a lot. I think my mum has probably found it pretty annoying, because to be honest I am quite fussy when it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner. Finally though, I think I may have found a combination I really love.
I would describe my hair as be pretty healthy, except I do have a pretty picky scalp. Cheaper own brand  shampoo dries out my scalp and give me dandruff *I know, it's gross!* and an itchy and irritated scalp. But, then some other ones, such as shampoo for coloured hair, which I should add my hair has never been died I just borrowed my Mum's shampoo, gave me really greasy hair. I guess it's a bit like my skin, it's pretty combination hair *Is that even a technical term?*.
Originally I asked my Mum for both the Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and conditioner, which didn't make much sense considering it's for damaged hair and my hair is perfectly healthy. What made me really want to try this shampoo was the fact that it contained honey, which from the little knowledge I had learnt from the blogosphere, I knew was great for your hair also. Also, Nicole Scherzinger was the face of this product, and is just me or is her hair looking so beautiful at the moment?
Unfortunately, my Mum didn't get me the Bee Strong shampoo, but she did get me the Garnier Fructis fortifying strength & shine shampoo. This particular shampoo is for normal hair, which I suppose is my hair type. What sold this to me was that it contains grapefruit extracts,  and if you don't know already I love the smell of grapefruit. The basic idea of this shampoo is that it makes your hair stronger on the inside and shinier on the outside. I struggled to find the price of this online, but £1.99 kept cropping up, but don't take my word for it.
Although I didn't get the Bee Strong shampoo, I did conditioner, and oh my, it smells so sweet and yummy. Also, it pairs up so well with my shampoo because they both have a strengthening formula. Normally it costs £3.89, but if you get down to your local boots quick enough you could get it on offer at a bargain price of £1.94.
Overall, my hair feels strong, soft and shiny. I am so glad I found this pair, and I would highly recommend these for both people with damaged hair, and people with healthy hair.
If you would like any tips on how I keep my hair frizz free and healthy, then please don't be afraid to contact me and I may do a little post about it.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
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