Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Always look on the bright side of life (8)

Hello Everybody,
Today has been a rather eye opening day for me, so for this reason I am more in the mood to chat to my readers rather than do anything beauty related. I know that my beauty posts seem to get looked at more than my lifestyle posts, but today I am just in the mood to let things spill out of my brain. So many emotions have been felt all in one day, but some how I seem to be enjoying it. I've felt scared, anxious, apprehensive, empathetic, proud, excited, confused and last but not least, happy.
There are so many things in life that we can be miserable about, whether it be friends being unhappy, exams or even just that teenage mood swing. Although, today I have also realised that there are so many good things to be happy about.
The main thing that has made me smile today is you guys. As I went onto my  blog just a moment ago thinking that not much would have happened on it today, considering I hadn't uploaded a new post yet, I realised so many people had looked at it. To be honest, the amount of followers I get and the amount of pageviews I get never bothers me because I enjoy blogging no matter how many people look at it. But, when I see that people are looking at my blog and supporting it of course it makes me smile. I'm still a small blog,  but even that small amount of support excites me. Looking back on it, when I started my blog in May I'd never even thought that I'd be posting three times a week, having so many pageviews and even having at least one follower.
I also think what has made me smile today is knowing that I was able to help out a friend. When I see my friend unhappy I can't leave them without a word, I took the time to go to her house, talk it through and at the end make her smile again. Not only that, but the sweet texts you can get from them after can really turn your day around.
Obviously, this is less than half of what happened today, but I felt like it would be boring to share the rest. Although, the point of this post was for me to tell you guys that no matter how awful a day is, there is bound to be part of it that was great. So remember, always look on the bright side of life, no matter how bad your day was.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
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