Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bodyshop Hand Cleanse Gel

Hello Everybody,
I'm doing another Bodyshop review believe it or not. This review I am so excited to do because it is a product that I have repurchased and will again, and again, and again. Also, I cannot even think of a single negative about this product, so this review may become a bit biased and one sided, but honestly, I love this that much.
For some reason the camera wanted to focus on the bag and not the hand gel.
This product is the Bodyshop hand cleanse gel, with has been a staple item in my school bag, and I guess I am a little bit obsessed with it. Lets just say, schools are probably the most dirty and germy places ever, especially now that it is cold and flu season. To me sanitising my hands before eating is important because I hate getting ill, and I'm sure so does everyone else. If you are as observant as me then you will notice that in a day we probably touch a handrail at least four times a day at school, and door handles even more so. Then we share equipment, etc and the amount of people that have also been to these places before us means, that yucky stuff is probably on our hands by lunchtime.
I'm not like a massive germophobe, I'm just hygienic, I guess.
Also, in the toilets, I don't know whether it is just my school but there is so many people standing at the sink fixing their hair, and reapplying their makeup (FYI girls, you are beautiful enough, you don't need to put on any more). For this reason, people that have actually gone to the toilet can't get to the sinks for their true use, and therefore it's a lot less hassle getting my hand gel out of my bag. Also, the hand dryers at school let out less air than me after I've ran five miles.
The Bodyshop hand cleanse gel is in the coconut flavour, and I literally get so many comments about it. Or if someone walks into the loo after I've used it people often say, "It smells nice in here." And I'm pretty sure that's because of my hand sanitiser. I also recommend the pink grapefruit one. They retail at £2 .50, and I know that is a little more expensive than an ordinary hand gel, but for a nice smell rather than an alcoholic smell, it is definitely worth it.
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