Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just chill!!

Hello Everybody,
Have you every wondered what it's like to relax? How to feel calm? And what life would be like with out the chocka lifestyles we're living now? Me too, it didn't occur to me until quite recently that school, friendships and everything in between was really stressing me out. But, now if you see me you're probably thinking, "How did she suddenly become so much calmer?".
I'm definitely not saying I'm the most chilled out person on the block because believe me, I get butterflies like nobodies business before exams, but I'm certainly better then I was. I honestly think what made me notice that I was the nervous and unchilled type was others around me making me feel the need to snap, or not being able to cope with other peoples problems.
One way I find it easier to be calmer is to breathe. Obviously, we all breathe because otherwise we would be blue and collapsed in a heap on the floor, but when we are stressed our heart rate goes up, and we either find ourselves panting for breath, or even holding it. Sometimes, when we feel that burning fire of uneasiness we just need to take a long deep breath *sigh*. This can suddenly make things so much easier, bring us down to reality, and often in my case remind myself that I'm not the only one going through a busy and sometimes fast paced lifestyle.
Meditation also seems to work for me. I sit on the floor with my legs tucked up and my feet flat on the floor. I take a deep breath in, and as I am breathing out, I will say to myself "I feel at peace". I know this sounds like the weirdest thing ever to do, but some how it leaves me feeling relaxed, calm and focused on doing well, and not even feeling that slightest bit of tension in my body. I do this for a couple of minutes each morning and evening and it is something that I have only recently started doing but I can already notice a difference in my mindset.
The next thing I am going to talk about is listening to music. So many people say that listening to music really chills them out, but to be honest, they can only be correct in some circumstances. Often, especially when we are nervous, our heart rate will try and match the beat of the music. That's why if you are feeling on edge for whatever reason listening to something at 100bpm is probably not going to keep your heart rate down, and therefore not keep yourself calm. You need to listen to music with a beat of 60-80 per minute, because this matches the average resting heart rate, and therefore leaves us feeling more chilled. I often listen to something like, Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, because that is 80bpm and I find it makes me feel prepared yet chilled for a hockey game or something similar.
I am going to be honest with you now and say that sometimes things won't be easy, and I'm not going to lie and say that things haven't got on top of me recently, because it was only a month ago that I made a fool of myself and cried on a hockey pitch. Yes, I did cry because I was stressed and people were having a go at me. But, today I realise that I needed that, to make me realise that I did look like a fool, but also that it is okay to express ourselves sometimes, although maybe not wear our hearts on our sleeves so much.
You should feel like it's okay to talk to people, because it will help. If you've got a problem at school, tell a teacher. If you just want a hug, hug your bestfriend or closest family member, because sure thing everyone have felt overloaded at some point in their lives too. But don't forget, sometimes you have to step back and, "Just chill". At the end of the day stress is just an emotion, but learning how to cope with it is important.
I hope I helped some of you realise today, that stepping back to relax sometimes is just as important as getting things done. Talk to you on Thursday.
EmilyBelleBlogs x