Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Late night post and a rant about trees...

Hello Everybody,
If you follow me on twitter you would have seen me apologise and say that I am doing my blog post tomorrow as I am far to busy tonight, but I felt so bad that I have decided to do a late night rant instead whilst sitting here with my smelly hockey gear on. As you may or may not know I am currently in year 11 which is my final GCSE year and my mocks are coming up really soon. With that in mind I kind of forgot to write a post tonight, but I love blogging so much, and it gives my brain a break, so I will continue posting Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's, and will try my best not to forget.
Today I had a bit of catering work to do, which seems to be absolutely taking over my life right now, and I'm pretty sure my deadlines on Monday (shoot me now) so that has occupied a lot of my time. Also tonight I had to finish off a French essay, yes, in French, and do a bit of geography research. Although, I also seemed to take a lot of time planning my Nan's 70th birthday cake, which I really can't wait to make and definitely will do a post on once completed.
Sorry about the glare on the picture, is was taken through a window.
Anyway, a rather strange and philosophical thought has been whizzing around my mind today, and it is about trees. They're such beautiful and unique things, not one tree is the same, every leaf is in a different place and they all have slightly different colours. Trees are sort of like humans, it's their differences that make them beautiful, and their imperfections that make them more interesting and captivating.
Trees bring enjoyment to lives, from providing us with clean air, to giving a little bird a home. But, it's the lonely trees that interest me the most. I'm not crazy, because I know trees don't have feelings but when a tree is on it's own it reminds me that some people are like that also. Yet some how something about the lonely tree seems more emotional than a tree in a forest, they have that pull that makes you want to go and sit under it, just for a moment because it's so peaceful. Why don't we feel this way for lonely humans? Why don't we approach the lonely girl sitting in the school canteen? It's just a food for thought, don't be afraid to approach someone on their own in the lunch hall, the worst they can do is tell you to go away. The likelihood is though, that the lonely person is the most caring and wonderful person you will ever meet, maybe shy, but there is probably a reason. You wouldn't ignore the lonely tree (or at least I wouldn't) so don't ignore the lonely person.
Another thing is that hopefully one day I will teach myself to paint trees because they have the most wonderful stories behind them, and are the most captivating things that I can thinks of. I could talk for hours about trees, but I'm not because that will probably bore you all to death, I know my friends already think I've lost the plot (sorry guys, if you are reading this).
EmilyBelleBlogs x