Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NOTD and a HUGE apology

Hello Everybody,
Basically my laptop is currently sitting on its death bed, with my dad trying his ultimate best to save it *imagine a man in his mid forties giving a laptop CPR*. No, but in all seriousness, hopefully it'll be all reformatted and as good as new by tomorrow so I can keep my school work up and be less bored after school. 

I hope you can all understand why this post is going to be hurried and have pictures of poor quality, because let's face it, phone cameras were never designed for us bloggers. My rant about broken laptops and poor quality posts aside I thought I would do a quick and easy NOTD post. 
Currently, in Glamour Magazine's December edition, costing £2 they have the full sized nail polishes as their freebee. But, the nail polish isn't any ordinary one, it is a Nails inc one from the Kate Spade collection, normally retailing at £11. Me being me and wanting to snap up a bargain decided to buy two magazines as both colours that in chose really tickled my fancy.
The first colour is Soho silver, which is a beautiful shimmery metallic silver colour, and perfectly on trend this autumn. The next colour (which I am using as an accent colour) is called uptown glamour. This is a gorgeous gold colour and really reminds me of Christmas. Overall, these polishes are of great quality, and really do dry fast, thus perfect for applying in a hurry before a party. 
Again I am massively sorry for the bad quality of this post, and hopefully I will get my laptop back as soon as possible, so everything will go back to normal. 
Emilybelleblogs x