Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer review

Hello Everybody,
It's so nice to have a break from my revision to have a chat with you guys. I'm so excited for Thursday afternoon when I get home from school in the know that I have finished all of my mock exams. Anyway, I'm going to be one hundred percent and say that I have fallen for the hype, and I have no idea why I waited so long to get this product.
Firstly, after hitting pan on my Benefit Boi-ing a few months ago I have been meaning to buy a cheaper alternative concealer, because I wanted to save the posh stuff for posh occasions. After reading multiple reviews on Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer, and realising it was a cult beauty product it went straight to the top of my wishlist. 
I am so impressed with this concealer as well. The coverage is amazing and it also doubles up as an amazing highlighter under the eyes. I got mine in the colour 1 Fair, which is the lightest shade because I am super duper pale and would look stupid with a shade any darker.
Not only that, the stay power on this concealer is incredible. Obviously, for £4.19 I was blown away by the quality of the product, and it really does last pretty much all day. Overall, I am so pleased with the fact that I bought this concealer, especially for this week. All of my horrible blemishes and dark circles have been hidden very well during a stressful week of exams and revision.
I highly recommend this for anybody that doesn't have it already, and of course it is a great little stocking filler for any beauty lover if you're stuck on what to get them.
EmilyBelleBlogs x