Saturday, 14 December 2013

Lush Review // Bombardino bath ballistic

Hello Everybody,
Today I am doing yet another Lush review because I am Lush crazy at the moment. Until next week I will admit that my posts will probably be very very rubbish, but unfortunately my diary is full to the brim with exams, and until then and my mind is in "Freak Out" mode. Consequently, I think I might be scheduling my posts for the next week rather then putting the extra stress upon myself.
With all that craziness in mind today after a rather rubbish game of hockey I decided I was in need of a nice bath. A couple of weeks back I went shopping and bought a few Lush bits but chose not to do a haul because I also had a few Christmas presents thrown into the mix also. But, of course I still got myself a few treats.
I've seen a lot of people talking about the Lush Bombardino for a while now. I'm not sure whether it is a new release or not, but it is definitely a popular choice at the moment. Personally I think the Bombardino looks like a cute little face with a towel or whipped cream on it's head, I don't know about you?
The Bombardino smells of what I think is a mixture of vanilla and caramel, or even a caramel frappĂ©, but I'm not overly sure. Either way I definitely like the smell of this bath ballistic and  the smell was certainly the reason I bought it.
Unfortunately, once in the water the Bombardino was less impressive. Firstly, it turned a gross yellow colour, which can only remind me of one thing, but secondly it didn't fizz up as spectacularly as my last bath ballistic.
 Although, the bath still did smell good and once I got out my skin felt really nice, which I suppose is a bonus. Another issue I had with the Bombardino though, was the fact that it left a little bit of a stain around the bath. The luxury lush pud didn't do this, so it surprised me a little. Of course that wasn't the end of the world because it did sponge off.
I hope you enjoyed yet another one of my lush reviews.
EmilyBelleBlogs x