Saturday, 7 December 2013

My 16th Birthday Party

Hello Everybody,
It's my Birthday tomorrow and I had a party last night, and I really wanted to share with you about my evening. It was the most amazing night, and I truly have some of the greatest friends. I asked them if I could feature them in some of the pictures and they agreed, so let me introduce you to... Katie, Louisa, Kerry, Emily, Kelly, Becca and Laura...
Top (left-right)- Kelly, Emily, Becca, Laura, Louisa
Bottom (left-right)- Katie, Me and Kerry
This is my little group of friends and they mean the world to me. Last night we had such a wonderful time, dancing to some tunes and grazing on some nibbles, and of course being a little "cray" as I would say. I had such a great time last night and I wanted to share with you guys something I said to them all on Facebook last night...
I wanted to share this with you because it really did come from the heart last night. Yesterday made me realise how special all of my friends really are to me, and that the best Birthday gift they gave me was such a perfect friendship.
I am go to stop with all of the sappiness now because I'm sure you have all got the point, but I guess all I am trying to say is that this year (my 16th year being on this planet *that makes me sound like an alien*) I am going to try and really appreciate my friends more. I am going to try and create as many memories with them as I physically can because it won't be long before we are all grown up and going our separate ways.
Finally, I had the best Birthday party anybody could wish for, we didn't need drink and hundreds of people there to make it great because we had each other. I sincerely hope that in two weeks time we can repeat it all again at our Christmas party and continue to make memories together in our own personal journeys of life.
EmilyBelleBlogs x
Have a great couple of days!!