Saturday, 21 December 2013

My week on Instagram #1

Hello Everybody,
Today I didn't really want to do a review, in fact I wasn't really sure about what to post on my blog today until now. Suddenly, the thought of posting about my week popped into my head. Then I thought I could talk to you about how obsessed I am with Instagram at the moment. Since getting my new phone I have been on Instagram so much, I love how it's a way of documenting parts of your life you want to share, so this gave me the idea of showing you my week (and a few days) on Instagram.
Firstly, a couple of weeks ago I decorated the Christmas tree. Me being me I always try and take some sort of photographic picture of it. I'm not sure why this is, but this 'wish' bauble always makes me smile, it is the only bauble like it on our tree, which makes it stand. Also, I love the disco ball bauble.
 If you remember me saying last week, I had a really busy time with some mock exams, and I was taking procrastination from revision a bit too far, taking a picture of my revision guides, such fun!
 In our front window my family and I have this cute miniature village. All of the houses are battery powered so that once turned on they have little lights showing through the windows. I think our village is absolutely adorable, do you?
 Again, I took another festive Christmas picture, purely because revision was making me feel quite "Bah Humbug" which is fairly unusual for me around this time, so I thought that if I took a 'Christmassy' picture I would feel a bit more festive.
 Next, I got a slightly belated Birthday gift from Kelly and Emily because it got lost in the Christmas mail . I was so pleased with this MAC eye shadow palette because I have never owned anything from MAC before, and it was definitely worth the wait. Thank you girlies!!
 On Thursday I was celebrating the end of my exams with a spot of blog catching up. I am absolutely obsessed with bloglovin' because it means I can read all of my favourite blogs in one place. Do you follow me yet?
 Yesterday my school had Christmas jumper day a week late. Of course I had to take a selfie of me rocking that festive jumper, I love my Christmas jumper so much.
 In the last fifteen minutes left of school me and my bestfriend Katie got a little bit hyper, you can't blame us, it is the holidays.
 Oh yeh, I can't forget this rather amusing picture of my friends taking a selfie. They're such posers. No, in all seriousness I love this picture because it's so natural and makes me want to giggle.
I hope you enjoyed this little post and I might do a few more of these in the future, or even post some exclusive pictures that never made it on to Instagram. But in the meantime, if you want to see more pictures like this then do not hesitate to follow me here, for more fun, randomness and selfies.
EmilyBelleBlogs x