Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Favourites!!

Hello Everybody,
Happy December! Can you actually believe it's December? I can't, December is always my favourite part of the year because of my Birthday and of course Christmas, not to mention the chocolate every morning- except I don't actually have an advent calender, but I have some snowies instead. Before I jump in with all things festive this month, of course I have to celebrate what has been a wonderful November by sharing with you my favourites.
Before then though I thought I could share with you what is coming up this month: Lifestyle I will do posts on my Birthday party, my Birthday, Christmas and of course my 100TH POST!!!! Beauty, I will have a few hauls for your eyeballs to absorb and  possibly some more reviews (I have a lush review coming on Thursday). Finally, I really want to do a few more fashion posts this month, so I may be doing a few OOTDs and maybe even a few festive tips. I hope you are as excited as I am, and although I could probably partake in blogmas I have chosen not to due to exams, but I will keep you all very much updated on what I am up to. Of course, if you want to know even more of what I am getting up to this December, I keep my twitter very much updated.
Back to business I am going to get on with what have been my favourites for the last month...


In November I have had a few products that have been constantly showing up in my daily makeup look and beauty regime. The first of which is my L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint, which if you all remember I did a review on here. I love this foundation because it is so light on my skin, and is fairly matte, which obviously removes any shine from my face. Also, I don't think it seems to be giving my skin a great deal of problems either. My next favourite of this month has been my Bourjois Red Sunrise Colour Boost lip crayon, because darker lips are definitely a cult thing this winter, giving pale faces a little pop of colour. Also, this colour doesn't seem to be too red, so it is perfect for school wear. I have also done a review of this, here.
My fragrance favourite this month has got to be my Victoria Secret, Secret Craving fragrance mist. It is vanilla and blackcurrant flavoured and smells so autumnal, thus I thought it deserves to be it my November favourites. Not only that, but I think it's been my Mum's favourite to, as I have caught on a number of occasions, stealing it from my dressing table *you can't hide mum, I know that smell*. The final beauty product I have been loving this month is actually what I review in my last post, and that is my Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser, and I am loving because it has been a really quick way of keeping my skin healthy coming up to the winter.


This month I have been loving my mustard snood from Miss Selfridge, it is such a great fashion item, because it goes with so much of my wardrobe. Not only that, but it keeps my neck warm as well, so it is convenient and fashionable.


I haven't really been doing much this month, and even if I did I don't have the pictures for it at the moment, but I have read a book and watched a DVD a few times, so I thought I could do a quick write up about that. Firstly, the book I have read is I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk, it is a romance book, but what makes it the most entertaining for me is all of the little details that are including in it about New York *yes, I really want to go there some day*.
The DVD I have been watching multiple time is Michael McIntyre Showtime, it is such a hilarious film, and quite good to watch as a treat after revision. Also, a couple of my friends, Georgie and Emily, and I seem to often be quoting McIntyre jokes to each other in stressful situations at school. Although, I haven't watched this DVD as much as I wanted to because I'm a Celebrity has been taking over my evenings a little bit. It is such a good show and Ant and Dec are hilarious, although the celebrities are so childish, I mean what is with the whole, "concealer gate" it was so petty.


My final catagory for this month is music because I have had no food favourites during the month of November, but yet again I have two favourites for this month and they are Story of my life by One Direction because it is such an emotional song and the film is a tear jerker *I know, it's very weird that I enjoy having a little cry*. My next music favourite is Can we dance by The Vamps, it is such a feel good song, and they are adorable.
I hope you enjoyed my favourites post, and that you are all looking forward to the rest of December. Don't forget to comment below if you have any special requests for this month.
EmilyBelleBlogs x