Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013!!

Hello Everybody,
I will be completely honest with you and say I wasn't actually going to do this post, because I didn't want to come across as bragging, which by the way I am not. After speaking to a few other bloggers on twitter they all said they enjoyed reading them and had only heard good feedback from them. Personally, I love reading these posts so that gave me the drive to write my 'What I got for Christmas' post. If by any chance you do not enjoy these posts, then please do not feel obliged to read this and click the exit button now, because I do not want to upset anyone.
After that little disclaimer I feel ready to write this post now...
I decided not to do a picture heavy post today because no doubt it will mess up my bedroom even more then it already is, but I will be doing plenty of reviews in the new year, so don't worry about that. Although, if you do have any requests please do not hesitate to comment below.
Firstly, I got the Katy Perry Killer Queen gift set which I have been lusting over ever since there was a sample in one of this years Glamour Magazines, which by the way is the best magazine EVER!! The set includes 30ml of the perfume, some body lotion and shower gel.
I received Now 86, which I was super excited about because it has some great music on it. I also got a Baylis & Harding radiant skin spa kit which is quite exciting considering I did not have anything from that brand previously. Not only that but I got the Soap & Glory Bubble Barrel which includes so many mini Soap & Glory stuff and even a towel headband thing.
I also received a cupcake calender, which as much as this sounds weird, I was really excited about because this year I didn't have a calender and was lost without it. I love being organised, and although I put loads of dates on my phone I do like to have written versions of my life plans also. I also got an Accessorize nail polish collection to add to my huge nail varnish collection.
I also received three Yankee candles, which I was over the moon with because I am candle obsessed, like most beauty bloggers. I got the Strawberry buttercream small jar, which was super exciting because that is my all time favourite Yankee candle scent. I also got the Salted Caramel one, which my family thinks is too sweet but I adore it, and I also got the French Lavender one which is certainly perfect for evenings when I am struggling to sleep.
I then got a Nivea luscious lip set which is awesome because it includes my all time favourite lip butters. From Secret Santa *cough*Emily*cough* I received Mandara Spa soap petals and a mini luxury set *oh and of course some chocolate*. I then got a purple organiser which I plan to use for my blogging. Of course, I got loads of chocolate and sweets too.
I got a romance movie which I have never heard of before but I am so excited to watch it because it is starring Zac Efron *oh yeh*. I received a wind up Christmas tree thing which is so adorable, and looks so much like an antique.
I also got a Rose Gold watch from New Look which is absolutely beautiful and much more stylish then my previous watch. I also got an apron, because of course I love to do a bit of baking.
Finally, I received lots of money and a Topshop voucher, which I am going to try and make last, although that may be a bit of a challenge.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy reading others. If you have done a similar blog post or Youtube video please stick your links below because I do love reading them.
EmilyBelleBlogs x