Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Favourites

Hello Everybody,
Hasn't this month flown past? It feels like only yesterday that I was counting down for New Year. January has been a fairly busy month for me, making memories with my friends, catering coursework and me finally coming to terms with the fact that my exams really aren't that far away and that I really do need to knuckle down.


My first beauty favourite is the Maybelline colorsenational lipstick in the colour Sweet Pink. This colour is perfect for school because it is very neutral and not too in your face. My next favourite is my Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume because it has a wondeful wintery musk about it with blissful berry notes, which makes me think of snow and wintery stuff. My final beauty favourite is the Bodyshop's shower gel in Vanilla Bliss, and although this is part of Bodyshop's Christmas line, I think the smell of Vanilla should continue on through the rest of the winter months.


My fashion favourite for this month is my love heart necklace from Accessorize. I feel as if this necklace can make any outfit feel a little bit girly. Also, with Valentine's just around the corner I suppose it is fairly festive at the moment. I literally have not stopped wearing this necklace throughout January.


I have a lot of lifestyle favourites this month, but I'm going to try and keep this section as to the point as possible. My first lifestyle favourite is creating memories with friends, this year my friends and I are all making more effort to enjoy each others company more; we've been shopping together, to a party together and I've even had a friend over for an afternoon of baking which was cute. I've also loved reading this month, and have finally got back into it, although I will say more about that on Saturday. I have also really enjoyed baking this month and I am making an effort to do it more now, as I find baking so relaxing and enjoyable. My TV favourites of this month have got to be Mr Selfridge and Call The Midwife, they're both period dramas, but something about that draws me in even more.


Although it is definitely too early for these to be my food favourites, I am loving Smartie Mini Eggs. I feel like they need to get a bit more hype, considering they are so much more tastier than Cadbury's mini eggs, which also taste nice. I am also loving Pomegranate and Blueberry juice, which I wish I had knew about before. I honestly don't understand why orange juice is so much more popular than this stuff, it is amazeballs.


This is my final category for this month, and both songs are very feel good songs. I feel like people either love them or hate them, but the first one is Happy by Pharrell Williams, which by the way, has the cutest music video. The next song is Wake Me Up by Avicii, which also makes me feel very cheerful.

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites post, and I will try my best to do this every month of 2014, but no promises because I don't want to let you guys down.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #4

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my forth Wisdom Wednesday post, and I hope you are all have a great week. Today's quote is about the three most important words beginning with C.
"You must make a choice, to take a chance, or your life will never change." I've loved this quote for ages now, and I thought it's a great little quote for my series. The basic concept of this quote is saying that you have to make the decision to do something different, and perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone, to live a diverse life. Plus, if we didn't step out of our comfort zone sometimes, life would become very boring. Another brilliant thing about choosing to take a chance is that you could learn that you really enjoy something that you never thought you would like.
For example, if I was to stay at home instead of go out with my friends for a night out I wouldn't have known that I actually really enjoy having a good boogie *does anyone even say that any more?* with my friends. Every girl should enjoy a bit of a party, but sometimes it seems like a bit of a chore getting ready for it, and sometimes if it involves older people being there after having a bit too much drink, and the atmosphere can get a little bit daunting, not to mention the vomit. But, fears and laziness shouldn't stop you from missing out on memories being made and fun being had.
Sometimes you should just follow your heart, if you suddenly decided you didn't want to study art any more and wanted to do textiles instead, what is stopping you? The fear of change? Making the choice to change what you are doing in search for happiness is important. Don't let the fact that something is different stop you from trying something new. We have to try new things to make life less tedious, so get out there and take a chance at doing something new.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Another Shopping Haul

Hello Everybody,
I will be honest with you and say that I actually went shopping quite a while ago now, but I had so many posts planned for my blog that this seemed to be pushed to the bottom of the pile. In some ways that is good because it meant that you didn't have too many hauls all at once though.
Firstly, I made a cheeky order on where I bought a pair of pale blue ripped jeans. I've been wanting a pair of ripped jeans for a while now, but I've been too scared to destroy my own jeans, plus I needed another pair of bottoms in my wardrobe anyway. I really love these jeans, and they fit like a glove, which always a good feeling. I also bought a lovely floral smock dress which is quite an unusual cut for me. I wore it the other night at a party, and at first I wasn't too sure about it because it is really loose and the seam is higher than what I am used to. Although I was a bit out of my comfort zone in this dress, over the evening I grew to love it, which has made me happy that I feel comfortable in some dress other than the plain, old, boring skater dress.
On a different weekend I went shopping, and found myself in Topshop again, oops. For some reason I simply cannot help myself when I go into that shop anymore. Firstly I bought the most beautiful, patent t-bar black shoes, which were featured in my last OOTD which I also paired with a pair of the socks that I bought from Topshop also. In fact, I took advantage of their 3 for £8 deal and bought three pairs of frilly socks, one white pair, one lilac pair and one baby blue pair. These socks look lovely paired with the t-bar shoes.
The final purchase I want to mention in my post today is my new pair of white converse boots. I love them so much and I am already practically living in them. I love the fact that these converse can be dressed up with some frilly socks and a skirt, but then dressed down with a pair of jeans. Literally, I'm sure these shoes are going to be my valentine this year.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Katy Perry Killer Queen Review

Hello Everybody,
I have a little perfume review for you all today, which will be rather interesting considering I have never done one of these before, and I am awful and describing things, hence English being my weakest subject *believe it or not*.
The Katy Perry Killer Queen is one of my favourite "going out" perfumes right now, and I actually found out I liked it from smelling a sampler in one of the past Glamour Magazines. In fact, I didn't buy this perfume because it was made by Katy Perry, unlike many other fan girls out there, I'mi not quite a big enough fan to want to buy her perfume for that reason. The only reason I actually bought this was because of the smell and the bottle. It wasn't the name that sold it to me at all.
Firstly, let us all lust over the bottle for a couple of minutes... Isn't it beautiful? It looks like a giant gem with a magnificent crown stuck on the top of it. I'm guessing it is called Killer Queen because it is red which I suppose could represent blood, but honestly it doesn't look very threatening because it is so beautiful.
Next, onto the smell, and because I am such a loser and have no idea what it smells like apart from slightly sweet I am going to google it in the search for the most perfect description... Ah ha, The Perfume Shop, you saviour, here is what it says... Killer Queen, a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance, opens with tempting dark berries and lush plum that blend into an opulent floral heart. The softness and grace of the heart is highlighted by the Royal Red Velvet flower that leads into an intoxicating background of precious woods and sensual musk. Whoever wrote that description deserves a medal, because that's a bagillion times better than I could ever do. I think I like Killer Queen because of the dark berry scent in it, because usually I highly dislike floral scents, mainly because I have sensitive nose and it makes me want to sneeze.
Killer Queen is a beautiful sweet and young scent and I highly recommend it to anyone of a similar age to myself.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

OOTD// A Tartan Dress and Cute Collar

Hello Everybody,
If you remember back to my New Year's Resolutions posts I said I would be doing more OOTD looks for you this year and hopefully at least once a month I will do them , as I do enjoy a bit of fashion. Also, if you remember back to the beginning of July last year I did my last OOTD, and that was a very long time ago. Believe it or not I actually love fashion, and left it my secret mission this year to go shopping and buy clothes not makeup *yes that is a legit problem*. Anyway, on my last few shopping trips I have succeeded at that, so you should be very proud.
Last week I went to a Pampered Chef party with my Mum, which is basically where you watch a person do a cooking demo with their products and then splash your cash on the expensive gadgets shown, that either makes your cooking easier, or just makes you look more posh *you decide*. Luckily, my mum and I didn't go too overboard and I was treated to a little piping gadget that *fingers-crossed* will make my piping look nicer.
I decided to wear a Tartan Dress to this evening because, why not? Tartan is nice. My Tartan dress, which by the way I also wore on Christmas day, is from New Look, and I think it is a lovely cut, and a beautiful length, as long as you are aware that it is fairly short around the bum area *you're so childish, I knew you would giggle at the word bum, grow up*. Underneath I also wore a collared vest top from New Look. Personally, I think the collar finishes of the outfit and also makes the dress look slightly more classy.
On my feet I am wearing some frilly socks and T-bar patent shoes both from Topshop. I love these T-bar shoes because they really take me back to my lower school days (or primary school, whatever it is). The shoes and socks give the outfit a bit more of a girly feel and just matches so well with the rest of the outfit.
I hope you enjoyed my first OOTD of the New Year, and I hope that you like my outfit.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #3

Hello Everybody,
It's Wisdom Wednesday, and today I'm going to talk to you about Being Yourself. This topic doesn't come with a quote, but more of a well used statement "Be yourself".
Of course being yourself is never going to be easy, especially when you are growing up, but I think being yourself is a good philosophy to life. If we tried to be like someone else we'd be boring. It is your uniqueness that makes you interesting. Don't let what others say or do stop you from being you, be true to you.
Being a girly girl hidden under a hockey and scouting layer is how I am myself. I've never let peoples perceptions stop me from being me, I've never lied to myself about who I want to be. I'm not saying it is easy being yourself, because people will judge.
We take what people say so personally, but why? I've been called "Ginger" and "Four eyes" in my life time, but did that make me cry and change the way I was? No!
Stop being a sheep, and do what you love. Don't follow crowds. Just because your friend loves a certain band doesn't mean you have to, just because someone's told you that they don't like your shoes, doesn't mean you have to listen to them.
We all have our personal opinions, but there is a difference between advice and just being down right rude. Sometimes the difference can be hard to figure out, but as long as you are doing what makes YOU happy, you are being yourself. I once read something saying 'Be-You-Tiful' I thought it was a lovely way of portraying that being yourself is what makes you beautiful, inside and out. Do not let words change you, do not let egos knock you, stand up with your head held high and do what you want to do.
Being yourself can mean so many things, whether it be dressing your own way, to loving something that is completely different. But that is okay, that is what makes you interesting. Being yourself gives you confidence to dress, act and be like what you want, it makes you a happier person, and makes you stand out in the crowd as a better person than the rest of the same old boring people.
Be yourself,
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Hello Everybody,
I'm doing another little review for you today, and I'm actually quite excited to do this. I'm reviewing the Real Techniques Core Collection, which I received as a gift for Christmas, and just to throw this bombshell out there, before these I didn't actually own any makeup brushes. Yep, that's right, I had no choice but to use my hands *blugh*.
Pointed Foundation brush// Contour brush// Buffing Brush//Detailer Brush
Since using these brushes my makeup has looked so much more nicer, and putting it on has been so much more easy. I love these brushes so much because they are super-duper soft, and each serve for very good purposes in my everyday makeup routine.
The first brush in the collection is the Pointed Foundation Brush which firstly I use to blend my concealer out with and then to blend out my foundation (obviously). I think that this brush is perfect for my concealer and foundation because it leaves my foundation with a medium coverage and then also makes my makeup look natural.
The next brush is the Contour Brush which I use for my bronzer and blusher. It is great as it applies my bronzer onto my cheekbones so accurately and my blusher onto the apples of my cheeks perfectly. It also looks natural and doesn't make my bronzer look like dirt streaked across my face *yes, some people do that*.
The next brush is the one I use the least and it is the Detailer Brush. Although I do not use this brush much I use it to conceal around my lips when I am wearing a dark lipstick, and also sometimes under my eyes if I am looking extra tired one day.
The final brush in the collection is the Buffing Brush which is perfected for applying my Pressed Powder with, setting my makeup and mattifying my face. It's also super soft.
Overall, the Core Collection is great for anybody that is starting off with makeup and needs to buy themselves a set. They are amazing quality and also really easy to clean. I will be doing a DIY brush cleaner and how I clean my brushes post sometime in the near future, so that is something to look forward to .
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bodyshop Almond Nail and Hand Cream Review

Hello Everybody,
I hope you all having a lovely weekend. After Thursday's Skincare Routine I thought today would be a good opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the hand cream I am currently using.
After having dry and sore hands for the longest time ever, from over-washing hands, doing catering and it being cold I thought it was time for a new hand cream. I've been using Soap and Glory's Hand Food for the longest time, and I apologise to any fans out there, but it wasn't quite cutting it for me. Bodyshop's hand cream seem to be a much more intense hand treatment, and the product keeps my hands feeling nice for a lot longer.
Another thing I like about Bodyshop's hand cream is that it isn't too greasy. Sometimes hand creams feel like they are doing nothing except making everything else a challenge to do *for example, unlocking the bathroom door, we've all been there*. But Bodyshop's hand cream feels like the moisture is sinking into your skin and doing what it's meant to be doing rather than making everything else a challenge.
A great thing about the Almond hand and nail cream is that it contains Fair Trade Brazil Nut oil, thus Bodyshop are doing their bit in the production of this product. For the 30ml tube that I have it costs £5.00. I think this is a pretty good price considering you only need a little bit of product per application. Hopefully, I will try some more of Bodysop's hand care range at some point because they have helped a lot. My hands are no longer sore and dry, and my nails also feel so much stronger. Also, the hand cream smells a-ma-zing.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My skincare routine #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
I'm back with another #2014bloggerchallenge post and today's topic is skincare. I was actually going to do this post anyway, so I thought that the best way to tell you about my skincare was to give you the run down of my routine. If you remember from my New Years Resolutions one of them was to try harder with my skincare, which I believe I definitely have been sticking too so far. Enough of my rambling, I am going to jump right into this post...

1. I remove all of my makeup with my makeup wipes. I use the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. I love these facial wipes because they literally remove every bit of my makeup. Also, I have quite sensitive skin but I have never reacted to these particular wipes. Another great thing about these wipes is that they remove waterproof mascara so I don't have to worry about using anything else around my eyes.
I accidentally put step 4s picture with step 2 *facepalm*
2. Next I cleanse with Clearasil's Skin Perfecting Wash, this removes any dirt and grime from my face *pahah, it sounds as if I'm on a washing machine advert*. I've been using this cleanser for a while now but I really do believe it removes any nasty dirt from my pores and just gets rid of anything that my makeup wipes don't.

3. I then tone with Simple's soothing toner, I believe it is meant to remove any last bits of grime and smooth out you skin. It is also meant to calm your skin.
4. As shown in the first image, I then use some clearasil spot treatment stuff. It is meant to reduce redness and size of spots within 4 hours, although I'm not sure it's working any more so I am giving it a break to see if it makes any difference.

5. After I use Nivea's Night Regenerating moisturiser which works a treat. I don't do this every night though because I find my skin likes it better if I only use it every other night.
6. Finally I use my Lush Popcorn lip scrub to remove any chapped bits from my lips and then the Nivea Essential Care lip balm, which is amazing *I love Nivea lip stuff*.
I hope you enjoyed reading my second #2014bloggerchallenge post. What's your skincare routine?
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #2

Hello Everybody,
It's Wednesday, which obviously can only mean one thing... it's time for me to deliver more wisdom *by the way, I'm not saying I'm wise, because I'm only sixteen, the quotes are the wisdom*. I'm already really enjoying this little series because it means that I can be a little more creative with my photography and editing, and also I feel like I am learning new quotes from doing this already.
2014 has been upon us for fifteen days now, and boy has it flown past? This is a quote that I heard quite a lot during the new year season, and although it was very applicable during the days leading up to new year, and new years resolutions, I have been thinking that this could apply to any part of life at any point in time. For example, I am writing in the past, in fact I am writing this post in 2013, Monday 30th Decemeber 2013 to be exact, but that was the day I came up with the idea. The idea of this quote is fresh in my mind, I have the motivation to make this post, whereas, if I leave this until 2 weeks time I may not remember what I was supposed to be saying and this quote may not be relevant.
New year is a fabulous example of this quote. I came up with a number of resolutions that I wanted to keep and live by, but most of them I had decided quite a few days before the big day. I thought to myself, 'why should I wait until 5 days time to have a good skincare routine when I can start today?' This is when I first came across this quote.
 Now although this applies to resolutions it applies to everything else also. For example, if I'm sitting in my room doing nothing but spending my time on twitter, and thinking to myself that my bedroom could do with a bit of a tidy and that I will do it tomorrow. Why tomorrow? The fact that I have thought about tidying my room probably means that I have more incentive in doing it now rather than later. The likelihood is that if I left it until the next day, my impulse in tidying my room would have gone away. A good analogy I can think of is feeding a fish, you wouldn't wait until the morning to feed your fish dinner because the fish would probably die of starvation. It is the same with motivation, you need to feed your motivation with satisfaction, or else the motive will die.
Another important lesson I have taken from this quote is that if we leave everything until tomorrow, nothing will get done. Jobs start piling up and we will become lazy. We will start looking at our messy bedroom and thinking, 'It can wait just one more day' and looking at our fish and thinking, 'I guess there is no importance in flushing it down the toilet, lets just leave it floating there.' because we would have already become lazy and uninspired to do anything.
Which leads me onto my next point, laziness leads to a dull life. Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today, because sitting there and doing nothing is boring, boring things leads to boredom, and boredom leads to unhappiness. I could keep going with that point, but what I'm really trying to say is, if your feeling inspired to do something, do it now not tomorrow because tomorrow will become next week, next week will become next month and next month will become never. Get up and do it today, because tomorrow is almost the same as never.
I hope I have inspired you to not sit there and be boring, and to actually get up and do what you wanted to start tomorrow, be it a painting, or simply being happier.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review// Maybelline Colorsensational Hollywood Red 540 Lipstick

Hello Everybody,
I have another little makeup review for you today, and it's a lipstick. My first lipstick review was very popular, and a start to a bit of an obsession of mine, and that is braver coloured lipstick. Of course, with it being winter I have been rocking *or at least trying to* the dark red lip look a bit more, because coral is a bit of a no go unless it's summer.
Today I am reviewing Maybelline's colorsensational lipstick in the colour Hollywood Red 540. This colour has been my go to colour this season, and I am so glad I found it. I have only recently started to grow more confident with lip colours so of course when I was picking a darker lip colour I didn't want it to be too in your face. Personally, I think that Hollywood Red is a great starting point for anybody who is trying to enter the world of the darker lip. The colour is dark, but not too dark, so it isn't a colour that would draw the attention of the world, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Hollywood Red is also a build-able colour, therefore if you only want a light tint you only have to use one swipe, but if you are feeling brave and want to go full on dark, then you can layer it on.
The formula on Maybelline's colorsensationals are also very nice. They are creamy, but not too sticky, and they also do not dry out your lips, thus do not sit in every single crack on those dry and chapped winter lips. Although, if you do have bad lips I advise you to wear lip balm rather than lipstick, because chapped lips still isn't a great look to be rocking.
The lipstick does also stay on for a good while, but obviously because it is not a stain it does need reappling a few times throughout the day. But this lipstick is definitely no hassle as it does last a good three or four hours so can last until the lunchtime re-application.
Also, like most of the other colorsensational range that Maybelline do, the smell is sensational *if you pardon the pun*. I know that smell isn't necessary for a lip product but it is certainly a nice bonus for a makeup product. It doesn't smell like gummy bears like the lipglosses, but it doesn't smell like regular lipstick, which I personally think smells *blugh*. The lipstick smells like chocolate brownies, or at least that's what I think it smells like, whether that is just a figment of my imagination, I will never know.
Overall, the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Hollywood Red 540 is amazing, and I highly recommend it, especially to somebody who is looking to venture into more adventurous makeup. I believe I picked this lipstick up at boots for around £7.19 if you fancy treating yourself.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

January Sales Haul!!

Hello Everybody,
I've been doing a little bit of shopping this month, making the most of the bargains and as these types of posts always seem popular so I thought I would share with you what I have bought. Also, for Christmas and my birthday I received quite a bit of money so a lot of these bits were Christmas and birthday treats for my self.

Bad picture because it's hard to
photograph bottoms.
As Miss Selfridge is my favourite shop I thought that I should start with this item. From Miss Selfridge I picked up a pair of Disco Pants because I have been wanting a pair for so long. I'd heard that they were super comfy and I also liked the fact that Disco Pants go really well with oversized tees. I am quite picky with my Disco Pants choice though, and although these aren't the cheapest Disco Pants on the block, they feel amazing and aren't too thin. I highly recommend spending a bit more on Disco Pants purely for the quality.
From Topshop I bought a slightly cropped plain white t-shirt with the print 'kiss me' in lips on the front. I know that this top is slightly flirtatious, but to be honest I only bought it because I loved the fact that it was semi-cropped and that it would go really nicely with my Disco Pants. The jumper is bright pink with blue and green flowers on it, I loved how much the jumper stood out in the shop and also the fact that it seemed very different. Don't count me on this but it seemed to make me think of 80s fashion *I wasn't alive in the 80s, so if you were please tell me if I'm right*.
From New Look I bought a really cute collared vest top, the collar sold it to me because I thought it would look adorable under jumpers, and I have a little collar obsession at the moment. I also picked up an oversized purple baseball top, because it is an oversized tee which I love and it would look great if I am dressing down my new disco pants.
In New Look I also found this bargain leather jacket with a lovely warm fur lining on the inside. Although it wasn't actually available in my size, I compromised and bought two sizes too big, but in some ways that is okay because it means I can wear big jumpers underneath it. Also, I couldn't miss such a bargain as it was £15 reduced from about £50.
I bought this jumper with a fake denim collar from Primark. I normally struggle to find things that I truly love in Primark, but I was sincerely impressed with this jumper. It is warm, fashionable and the arms are not too short (like many of their jumpers).
I then picked up this dainty little heart necklace from Accessorize. I thought this would be a cute little necklace to wear with collars and I generally just thought that it was really cute. In fact, I have not taken this necklace off since I bought it *apart from sport, night time and showers, etc.*.
From River Island I bought this lovely pink floral print oversized baseball tee. I also thought this would look great with my disco pants, but I also loved the girly theme of it, even though the style is slightly more grungier.
I also picked up this book from Waterstones, because I had heard great things about it through the grapevine. I've already ready most of The Fault in Our Stars and have had a few tears already, but it is so gripping and such an amazing book. I also love the staccato humour throughout the novel.
 I decided I didn't want to buy too much makeup as I already have plenty, but of course I couldn't go into Boots and leave empty handed. I repurchased Maybelline's Fit Me pressed powder because I have hit pan on my other one. Also, because Maybelline were doing a buy one get one half price I bought a colorsensational lipstick in the colour sweet pink because I wanted a nude colour for school.
In my New Years Resolutions post, I said that I needed to work on my skincare routine. For that reason I picked up Simple's soothing toner and Nivea's pure & natural regenerating night moisturiser from my nearest Superdrug. I am already seeing a noticeable difference in my skin, and I will have a post about that coming soon.
 Lastly, from the Bodyshop Christmas clearance I bought the Vanilla Bliss shower gel, because a girl can never have enough Bodyshop shower gel, especially if it smells of vanilla.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Things That Make Me Happy.

Hello Everybody,
I will admit that this week has been a little bit rubbish, especially with going back to school and finding out mock results. Obviously, with this all going on it has really hit me how near my exams are and that I really need to knuckle down.
Yesterday when I was feeling a bit grumpy I found an illustration and list on Twitter titled 'Things That Make Me Happy.' After seeing this I decided that I wanted to make my own and stick it on my wall, so that when I'm feeling a bit miserable I can look at it and do something on that list to make me feel happy again. Because I thought that it was such an awesome idea I also thought that I should share it with you in a bonus post.
I'm not going to list what makes me happy as I'm sure you can see it in the photo above, but I want to ponder over this question. Why do activities we say make us happy, make us happy? I guess it is all down to choice. If we choose to enjoy something we will. It's a psychological thing, when we put ourselves into the correct attitude everything seems so much more enjoyable. For example, I have put conquering fears on my list because when I climb up a rock wall with the fear of heights I tell myself that, 'It is okay to be scared' but I also tell myself  that, 'I will be happy and proud once I have done it.' When we go into activities with the write attitude we enjoy them so much more.
If I go out with my friends telling myself that it is going to be awful, it will be awful. Being happy is about making the choice to enjoy things in life. Making a list like this a sticking it on my wall is a reminder that I enjoy doing these things. Even looking at it makes me smile because I know that I love everything that is on their, but I also know their are a tonne of other things that could have been on the list but I simply didn't have room for.
If you are feeling down maybe you could try this... Remember, smile and be happy because whether you enjoy life is all about the attitude that you face it with.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Wonderland- Day in the life of Emily

Hello Everybody,
A few weeks ago I did a day in the life post and it seemed quite popular, after a bit of thought I decided I would do a few more of these posts because I thought I quite enjoyed doing little posts about some fun parts of my life. Not only is it so you can find out what I've been up to but also so I can look back on these days in a few years time.
On New Years Eve my best mate Katie took me on a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, I was so excited because the last time my family planned on going it was closed due to the awful weather, and also because I had never been before.
The day was brilliant, and although we only went on one ride because they were an absolute rip off *which I nevertheless expected* the atmosphere was what made Winter Wonderland such a wonderful experience. The market was beautiful with lots of different stalls to buy from, and the music playing in the background made it feel that little bit more festive. Also there were many food and drink stalls dotted around to keep the growling stomachs at bay.
I decided to have a hot dog, which by the way, was the longest hot dog I had ever seen, although I'm not complaining because it made the trip seem that little bit more traditional and wonderful. Katie and I also decided to share a bag of churros which Heather from MyEyebrowsAreDark (who was also with us) recommended to us, and I am so glad I had some because I love churros.
After our snack we wondered around the stalls for a while longer, glancing at the cute canvases with quotes written on them, and gazing at the most beautifully delicate jewellery. Somehow I managed to restrain myself from buying anything, which is quite good going for me.
We then headed over to the rides, and after a quick look at the ice-rink hoping to see somebody slip over *I know that's mean but it makes ice skating just that little more amusing* and the purchasing of our tokens we decided on which ride to go on. In fact we ended up going on the one ride I said I wouldn't go on, but it was still a very enjoyable and fun experience.
The ride we went on. The picture is terrible but it was dark.
 Basically, there are seats at either end of the long pole *I don't know what else to call it* that revolves. They load the riders one end at a time, so once we were on we had to sit at the top for a good five or so minutes. The wait was terrifying, and although the view of London was absolutely breathtaking, I spent every second with my heart pounding waiting for the ride to start. Finally when it did start I had the most exhilarating time. I even saw London upside down which was a terrifying but amazing feeling. Afterwards I was so glad I looked past the initial fear of vomiting and dying, etc. because I knew it would be something I would regret not doing if I hadn't, and like I said in my 'Just say yes' post, the worst that would happen is that I wouldn't enjoy it. I suppose I might have vomited, but the feeling of sick lasts a  lot less longer than the feeling of regret, which stays with you for nearly a lifetime.
After we finished on the ride it was time to head back to Katie's, where we had chilli con carne for dinner and then Katie and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic before the New Year countdown. It was the first time I spent New Year without my parents and brother being there, but it was an enjoyable and memorable experience, and it was lovely to celebrate it with my best friend.
What did you get up to on New Years Eve?
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #1

Hello Everybody,
This is my first post for my Wisdom Wednesday series, which I am very excited to do for you all, I'm still not sure how long I will do this for, but I will do this for as long as I have ideas and if I get a good response for this series. The idea of this series is that I share with you a few of my favourite quotes and sometimes my own, and explain the meaning of them in the hope that it can help others become happier and better people.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain
I'm sure you have all seen this quote before, but it is certainly one of my favourites. It tells us that even though life can be hard, and we may come across some tricky situations, we should still enjoy it. Nobody is going to have the perfect life, but the people that look like they are having a perfect life are the ones that have learnt to enjoy themselves through the bad stuff.
If we look at this quote literally, why should we stay inside and sulk if the weather is rubbish? In places like England so much of our life could be wasted because we are hiding away from the horrible weather. But, we could say the same for everything else, just because we aren't feeling up to going out with our friends doesn't mean we shouldn't. Believe me, there have been plenty of times when I haven't felt quite up to going out with my friends, however, I still have gone out with them and had a great time.
The more we miss opportunities and wait for happiness and enjoyment to come to us, the longer we will wait. Pro-activity is key, because if we do nothing, sulk and be miserable we will miss all of the great things in life. The worst thing you want to happen when you are feeling down is to see that people are enjoying and getting on with life without you.
Dance in the rain, take risks, grab opportunities, because otherwise you will live with regret, and the search for happiness will take longer.
If you have any queries about today's post please do not hesitate to email me, and I will try my best to help, but remember, don't wait for the storm to pass and get out there and live.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Review// Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

Hello Everybody,
At last I am back with a beauty post because I bet you are all bored of the same mundane lifestyle posts, although I do enjoy doing them and there is certainly more to come. But, today I thought it is about time that I do another beauty review for you all, as I know people enjoy reading them and it's sort of expected from a beauty blog.
Anyhow, before I bore you all to death with another chatty post I am going to jump right into this review. I have had this eyeliner for quite a while now, hence the slightly battered top to the eyeliner, but I love it. This eyeliner has been a lifesaver for me this season.
Normally I cannot put on eyeliner, but with gel liner I can. I've always been one of those people that has a shaky eyelid, so when I'm applying liquid eyeliner it ends up everywhere except from my eyelid. But, gel liner seems so easy to apply. I'm not sure whether it's because the brush is more precise, or whether it's to do with the eyeliners formula, but honestly this eyeliner applys so well.
I believe the Maybelline gel liner costs around £7.99 from boots, which is on the slightly more expensive end for a drugstore eyeliner, but this includes a good sized pot of the liner and a brush to apply it with. The brush works really well, and it makes application so easy, although since Christmas I have switched to using the Real Techniques eyeliner brush.
I hope you enjoyed today's review and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below because I love your feedback and opinions.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Liebster award #2

Hello Everybody,
I have already received a Liebster award before, but as the lovely Nash nominated me again, I thought it would only be fair to answer her questions although I will not be nominating any others *sorry to be a party pooper*. I decided to still answer questions and give you 11 facts about me, to help you get to know me. I love answering your questions so do not hesitate to ask me any (sensible) questions in the comments below.

11 facts about me:

  1. My favourite bands at the moment are The 1975 and The Vamps.
  2. My fashion sense is quite girly, and contains a lot of pink. I love oversized tees, jumpers and jeggings. But I also love skater skirts and dresses.
  3. My favourite animals are chinchillas and owls.
  4. I don't have any pets.
  5. In the future I want to own my own bakery business.
  6. My favourite shop is probably Miss Selfridge, although most of the time I cannot afford it.
  7. I am 5"7
  8. I turned 16 on the 8th of December.
  9. My favourite meal is spaghetti carbonara.
  10. I only have one piercing on each earlobe because I am too chicken to get any more piercings and they are far too permanent.
  11. I am currently in year 11, my final year before collage or sixth form.

Question time...

1. If you only had one day left in this world, what would you do?
I would run around town in my onesie and hug anybody that I would've said "Hi" too in my lifetime, and then throw a party with my closest friends and family for my last few hours, with a playlist with all of my favourite music. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato would be played last.
2. Would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo's foot or have a hobo lick peanut butter off your foot?
Well... Both are incredibly gross because I hate feet. But it is easy for me, I wouldn't want to look at the hobo's foot let alone put my tongue on it so I would get them to lick the peanut butter off my foot. Also, I would imagine that the hobo would be fairly hungry, so I guess it would be quite a charitable act, letting them lick it off of your foot.
3. Who's your biggest inspiration?
Bear Grylls is quite inspiring, considering he has climbed Mt Everest. Also, he's had accidents, but he has never let them knock him down.
4. If you could change one part of your life, what would it be?
I don't think I would change it, my life isn't perfect but I couldn't imagine it being any different.
5. If you could only take one item to a desert island, what would it be?
Hmm... A flint and steel, then I could make a fire and be nice and warm. And of course, with fire I can cook dinner.
6. Favourite memory?
My favourite memory...Hmmm... Probably when I went on holiday to Florida and I got to feed the dolphins with my family. That was pretty cool. But, I do have lots of great memories.
7. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I put my glasses on so I can see.
8. If you could be any character from any movie, who would you be and why?
Another tricky question! I would probably be Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect just because she is hilarious, and I would love a sense of humour like that.
9. What do you want to do differently in 2014?
I want to make at least one person smile a day, by a simply smiling at someone, or by cheering someone up when they are feeling down. That would be quite nice.
10. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
I would be an alpaca, because they live quite a chilled life and they always look happy.

I hope you enjoyed this little post because those questions certainly weren't that easy to answer, and if you want to see more Q&As from me, please comment below. Again, thank you Nash for nominating me. 
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hello Everybody,
I thought that it would only be right for me to write a quick bonus post for you today with my New Years Resolutions. Now I know that in yesterdays post I said that being inspired by a quote for the new year is a great idea, but that didn't mean that I didn't want to have some resolutions for 2014 also. This will only be a quick post, but I thought it would be fun to post this anyway.


  • Have a better skincare routine, because my skin is awful at the moment and I know I can try harder to look after it. I have already bought a few bits to kick off my good routine.
  • Have a better haircare routine, because the frizz is starting to show which is not great considering I am growing my hair.
  • I also need to start drinking more water to help with my skin and health. Although I'm not sure whether that counts as a beauty resolution or not.  
  • Buy more necessary clothing items, because I always seem to find myself spending money on expensive branded t-shirts like the Superdry ones just because of the label. I don't even wear t-shirts that often and my favourite outfits tend to be the ones that aren't even that expensive.


  • Cut down on the crisps, as I love crisps a lot but they aren't healthy, and a nice bag of pistachios is just as nice and much healthier.
  • Tidy my room everyday. I am actually pretty organised it's just I can be a bit lazy when it comes to tidying my room. I always look at my floor and think I'll tidy it later, but why can't I just get up and do it now?
  • Get a job, due to the fact that I sort of need money to feed this unhealthy makeup and fashion obsession.


  • Do more OOTDs. I don't understand why I do not already do this because I love fashion, although I do need to remember to take pictures of my outfit.
  • Write down my ideas, especially now that I have a little organiser for my blog because I am constantly coming up with ideas and then forgetting them.
  • Try to do some DIYs, because I love doing crafty things, but it would be nice for me to share my ideas with you guys and actually challenge myself a bit more.
  • Interact with people more. Since the Christmas holidays my following network and pageviews have both gone up purely because I am interacting with people more.
  • Schedule my posts, because when I have a free day and write a blog post I seem to have the motivation to write even more, if I sit down of an afternoon and schedule some posts for the coming week my posts will probably be less rushed and more thought out.
  • Finally, start my Wisdom Wednesday series. I've been wanting to do this for some time now but I wanted to wait for the new year. I have already written my first post for this and it'll be going live on the 8th of January.
What are your New Years resolutions?
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Inspiration #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
Happy New Year to you all. If you remember a couple of months ago I said that I would be taking part  in the 2014 Blogger Challenge, so if you want to know what it is then read my post here. Anyway, the first post is New Years Inspiration which Gaby decided would be a better alternative to making New Years resolutions, which I absolutely agree with. Although, I have still made the cheeky resolution or two.
Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function
as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things-
Winston Churchill
 I chose this quote, mainly because it is something that I need to open up my eyes to a bit more. I will admit over 2013 I didn't deal with criticism  very well, and at times it left me in tears. But criticism isn't there to upset you, it is there to teach you how to improve at things and be a better person.
In 2014 I want to be able to realise that criticism is positive and  it helps me to become a better person. I want to do this because it will make me a much happier and better person all at the same time. It's not just my school work that I need it for, but I need it to improve my blog, to become a better hockey player, but more importantly, I will face criticism everyday in my later life. If I want to have my own business then I have to be able to deal with criticism all the time.
Winston Churchill's quote is going to be so important in inspiring me this year, because it will give me the drive to carry on when things are going wrong. This quote will make me realise how important criticism actually is and that people aren't telling me off when they are telling me something is wrong. They are giving me criticism, criticism that will help me improve in so many aspects of life and inspire me to carry on with what I love and to make life so much better.
I hope you enjoyed my New Years Inspiration post, please comment your responses below.
EmilyBelleBlogs x