Saturday, 11 January 2014

January Sales Haul!!

Hello Everybody,
I've been doing a little bit of shopping this month, making the most of the bargains and as these types of posts always seem popular so I thought I would share with you what I have bought. Also, for Christmas and my birthday I received quite a bit of money so a lot of these bits were Christmas and birthday treats for my self.

Bad picture because it's hard to
photograph bottoms.
As Miss Selfridge is my favourite shop I thought that I should start with this item. From Miss Selfridge I picked up a pair of Disco Pants because I have been wanting a pair for so long. I'd heard that they were super comfy and I also liked the fact that Disco Pants go really well with oversized tees. I am quite picky with my Disco Pants choice though, and although these aren't the cheapest Disco Pants on the block, they feel amazing and aren't too thin. I highly recommend spending a bit more on Disco Pants purely for the quality.
From Topshop I bought a slightly cropped plain white t-shirt with the print 'kiss me' in lips on the front. I know that this top is slightly flirtatious, but to be honest I only bought it because I loved the fact that it was semi-cropped and that it would go really nicely with my Disco Pants. The jumper is bright pink with blue and green flowers on it, I loved how much the jumper stood out in the shop and also the fact that it seemed very different. Don't count me on this but it seemed to make me think of 80s fashion *I wasn't alive in the 80s, so if you were please tell me if I'm right*.
From New Look I bought a really cute collared vest top, the collar sold it to me because I thought it would look adorable under jumpers, and I have a little collar obsession at the moment. I also picked up an oversized purple baseball top, because it is an oversized tee which I love and it would look great if I am dressing down my new disco pants.
In New Look I also found this bargain leather jacket with a lovely warm fur lining on the inside. Although it wasn't actually available in my size, I compromised and bought two sizes too big, but in some ways that is okay because it means I can wear big jumpers underneath it. Also, I couldn't miss such a bargain as it was £15 reduced from about £50.
I bought this jumper with a fake denim collar from Primark. I normally struggle to find things that I truly love in Primark, but I was sincerely impressed with this jumper. It is warm, fashionable and the arms are not too short (like many of their jumpers).
I then picked up this dainty little heart necklace from Accessorize. I thought this would be a cute little necklace to wear with collars and I generally just thought that it was really cute. In fact, I have not taken this necklace off since I bought it *apart from sport, night time and showers, etc.*.
From River Island I bought this lovely pink floral print oversized baseball tee. I also thought this would look great with my disco pants, but I also loved the girly theme of it, even though the style is slightly more grungier.
I also picked up this book from Waterstones, because I had heard great things about it through the grapevine. I've already ready most of The Fault in Our Stars and have had a few tears already, but it is so gripping and such an amazing book. I also love the staccato humour throughout the novel.
 I decided I didn't want to buy too much makeup as I already have plenty, but of course I couldn't go into Boots and leave empty handed. I repurchased Maybelline's Fit Me pressed powder because I have hit pan on my other one. Also, because Maybelline were doing a buy one get one half price I bought a colorsensational lipstick in the colour sweet pink because I wanted a nude colour for school.
In my New Years Resolutions post, I said that I needed to work on my skincare routine. For that reason I picked up Simple's soothing toner and Nivea's pure & natural regenerating night moisturiser from my nearest Superdrug. I am already seeing a noticeable difference in my skin, and I will have a post about that coming soon.
 Lastly, from the Bodyshop Christmas clearance I bought the Vanilla Bliss shower gel, because a girl can never have enough Bodyshop shower gel, especially if it smells of vanilla.
EmilyBelleBlogs x