Saturday, 25 January 2014

Katy Perry Killer Queen Review

Hello Everybody,
I have a little perfume review for you all today, which will be rather interesting considering I have never done one of these before, and I am awful and describing things, hence English being my weakest subject *believe it or not*.
The Katy Perry Killer Queen is one of my favourite "going out" perfumes right now, and I actually found out I liked it from smelling a sampler in one of the past Glamour Magazines. In fact, I didn't buy this perfume because it was made by Katy Perry, unlike many other fan girls out there, I'mi not quite a big enough fan to want to buy her perfume for that reason. The only reason I actually bought this was because of the smell and the bottle. It wasn't the name that sold it to me at all.
Firstly, let us all lust over the bottle for a couple of minutes... Isn't it beautiful? It looks like a giant gem with a magnificent crown stuck on the top of it. I'm guessing it is called Killer Queen because it is red which I suppose could represent blood, but honestly it doesn't look very threatening because it is so beautiful.
Next, onto the smell, and because I am such a loser and have no idea what it smells like apart from slightly sweet I am going to google it in the search for the most perfect description... Ah ha, The Perfume Shop, you saviour, here is what it says... Killer Queen, a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance, opens with tempting dark berries and lush plum that blend into an opulent floral heart. The softness and grace of the heart is highlighted by the Royal Red Velvet flower that leads into an intoxicating background of precious woods and sensual musk. Whoever wrote that description deserves a medal, because that's a bagillion times better than I could ever do. I think I like Killer Queen because of the dark berry scent in it, because usually I highly dislike floral scents, mainly because I have sensitive nose and it makes me want to sneeze.
Killer Queen is a beautiful sweet and young scent and I highly recommend it to anyone of a similar age to myself.
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