Friday, 3 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hello Everybody,
I thought that it would only be right for me to write a quick bonus post for you today with my New Years Resolutions. Now I know that in yesterdays post I said that being inspired by a quote for the new year is a great idea, but that didn't mean that I didn't want to have some resolutions for 2014 also. This will only be a quick post, but I thought it would be fun to post this anyway.


  • Have a better skincare routine, because my skin is awful at the moment and I know I can try harder to look after it. I have already bought a few bits to kick off my good routine.
  • Have a better haircare routine, because the frizz is starting to show which is not great considering I am growing my hair.
  • I also need to start drinking more water to help with my skin and health. Although I'm not sure whether that counts as a beauty resolution or not.  
  • Buy more necessary clothing items, because I always seem to find myself spending money on expensive branded t-shirts like the Superdry ones just because of the label. I don't even wear t-shirts that often and my favourite outfits tend to be the ones that aren't even that expensive.


  • Cut down on the crisps, as I love crisps a lot but they aren't healthy, and a nice bag of pistachios is just as nice and much healthier.
  • Tidy my room everyday. I am actually pretty organised it's just I can be a bit lazy when it comes to tidying my room. I always look at my floor and think I'll tidy it later, but why can't I just get up and do it now?
  • Get a job, due to the fact that I sort of need money to feed this unhealthy makeup and fashion obsession.


  • Do more OOTDs. I don't understand why I do not already do this because I love fashion, although I do need to remember to take pictures of my outfit.
  • Write down my ideas, especially now that I have a little organiser for my blog because I am constantly coming up with ideas and then forgetting them.
  • Try to do some DIYs, because I love doing crafty things, but it would be nice for me to share my ideas with you guys and actually challenge myself a bit more.
  • Interact with people more. Since the Christmas holidays my following network and pageviews have both gone up purely because I am interacting with people more.
  • Schedule my posts, because when I have a free day and write a blog post I seem to have the motivation to write even more, if I sit down of an afternoon and schedule some posts for the coming week my posts will probably be less rushed and more thought out.
  • Finally, start my Wisdom Wednesday series. I've been wanting to do this for some time now but I wanted to wait for the new year. I have already written my first post for this and it'll be going live on the 8th of January.
What are your New Years resolutions?
EmilyBelleBlogs x