Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Hello Everybody,
I'm doing another little review for you today, and I'm actually quite excited to do this. I'm reviewing the Real Techniques Core Collection, which I received as a gift for Christmas, and just to throw this bombshell out there, before these I didn't actually own any makeup brushes. Yep, that's right, I had no choice but to use my hands *blugh*.
Pointed Foundation brush// Contour brush// Buffing Brush//Detailer Brush
Since using these brushes my makeup has looked so much more nicer, and putting it on has been so much more easy. I love these brushes so much because they are super-duper soft, and each serve for very good purposes in my everyday makeup routine.
The first brush in the collection is the Pointed Foundation Brush which firstly I use to blend my concealer out with and then to blend out my foundation (obviously). I think that this brush is perfect for my concealer and foundation because it leaves my foundation with a medium coverage and then also makes my makeup look natural.
The next brush is the Contour Brush which I use for my bronzer and blusher. It is great as it applies my bronzer onto my cheekbones so accurately and my blusher onto the apples of my cheeks perfectly. It also looks natural and doesn't make my bronzer look like dirt streaked across my face *yes, some people do that*.
The next brush is the one I use the least and it is the Detailer Brush. Although I do not use this brush much I use it to conceal around my lips when I am wearing a dark lipstick, and also sometimes under my eyes if I am looking extra tired one day.
The final brush in the collection is the Buffing Brush which is perfected for applying my Pressed Powder with, setting my makeup and mattifying my face. It's also super soft.
Overall, the Core Collection is great for anybody that is starting off with makeup and needs to buy themselves a set. They are amazing quality and also really easy to clean. I will be doing a DIY brush cleaner and how I clean my brushes post sometime in the near future, so that is something to look forward to .
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