Friday, 10 January 2014

Things That Make Me Happy.

Hello Everybody,
I will admit that this week has been a little bit rubbish, especially with going back to school and finding out mock results. Obviously, with this all going on it has really hit me how near my exams are and that I really need to knuckle down.
Yesterday when I was feeling a bit grumpy I found an illustration and list on Twitter titled 'Things That Make Me Happy.' After seeing this I decided that I wanted to make my own and stick it on my wall, so that when I'm feeling a bit miserable I can look at it and do something on that list to make me feel happy again. Because I thought that it was such an awesome idea I also thought that I should share it with you in a bonus post.
I'm not going to list what makes me happy as I'm sure you can see it in the photo above, but I want to ponder over this question. Why do activities we say make us happy, make us happy? I guess it is all down to choice. If we choose to enjoy something we will. It's a psychological thing, when we put ourselves into the correct attitude everything seems so much more enjoyable. For example, I have put conquering fears on my list because when I climb up a rock wall with the fear of heights I tell myself that, 'It is okay to be scared' but I also tell myself  that, 'I will be happy and proud once I have done it.' When we go into activities with the write attitude we enjoy them so much more.
If I go out with my friends telling myself that it is going to be awful, it will be awful. Being happy is about making the choice to enjoy things in life. Making a list like this a sticking it on my wall is a reminder that I enjoy doing these things. Even looking at it makes me smile because I know that I love everything that is on their, but I also know their are a tonne of other things that could have been on the list but I simply didn't have room for.
If you are feeling down maybe you could try this... Remember, smile and be happy because whether you enjoy life is all about the attitude that you face it with.
EmilyBelleBlogs x