Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #2

Hello Everybody,
It's Wednesday, which obviously can only mean one thing... it's time for me to deliver more wisdom *by the way, I'm not saying I'm wise, because I'm only sixteen, the quotes are the wisdom*. I'm already really enjoying this little series because it means that I can be a little more creative with my photography and editing, and also I feel like I am learning new quotes from doing this already.
2014 has been upon us for fifteen days now, and boy has it flown past? This is a quote that I heard quite a lot during the new year season, and although it was very applicable during the days leading up to new year, and new years resolutions, I have been thinking that this could apply to any part of life at any point in time. For example, I am writing in the past, in fact I am writing this post in 2013, Monday 30th Decemeber 2013 to be exact, but that was the day I came up with the idea. The idea of this quote is fresh in my mind, I have the motivation to make this post, whereas, if I leave this until 2 weeks time I may not remember what I was supposed to be saying and this quote may not be relevant.
New year is a fabulous example of this quote. I came up with a number of resolutions that I wanted to keep and live by, but most of them I had decided quite a few days before the big day. I thought to myself, 'why should I wait until 5 days time to have a good skincare routine when I can start today?' This is when I first came across this quote.
 Now although this applies to resolutions it applies to everything else also. For example, if I'm sitting in my room doing nothing but spending my time on twitter, and thinking to myself that my bedroom could do with a bit of a tidy and that I will do it tomorrow. Why tomorrow? The fact that I have thought about tidying my room probably means that I have more incentive in doing it now rather than later. The likelihood is that if I left it until the next day, my impulse in tidying my room would have gone away. A good analogy I can think of is feeding a fish, you wouldn't wait until the morning to feed your fish dinner because the fish would probably die of starvation. It is the same with motivation, you need to feed your motivation with satisfaction, or else the motive will die.
Another important lesson I have taken from this quote is that if we leave everything until tomorrow, nothing will get done. Jobs start piling up and we will become lazy. We will start looking at our messy bedroom and thinking, 'It can wait just one more day' and looking at our fish and thinking, 'I guess there is no importance in flushing it down the toilet, lets just leave it floating there.' because we would have already become lazy and uninspired to do anything.
Which leads me onto my next point, laziness leads to a dull life. Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today, because sitting there and doing nothing is boring, boring things leads to boredom, and boredom leads to unhappiness. I could keep going with that point, but what I'm really trying to say is, if your feeling inspired to do something, do it now not tomorrow because tomorrow will become next week, next week will become next month and next month will become never. Get up and do it today, because tomorrow is almost the same as never.
I hope I have inspired you to not sit there and be boring, and to actually get up and do what you wanted to start tomorrow, be it a painting, or simply being happier.
EmilyBelleBlogs x