Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Spring/Summer fashion dislikes

Hello Everybody,
Here is the second part of my Spring/Summer fashion post and today I will be telling you some of this years fashion trends that I am not loving so much. For me it is a common case that the things I originally really dislike to start off with in new trends I grow to love, for example, I used to hate Doc Martens but now I would marry mine.
My first fashion dislike is the trucker sandal, although I will admit I do not find them as ugly as I first thought. Personally, I think that some of the trucker sandals, especially the brown ones with the whites soles look really Granny like. They're not very flattering shoes and look like the sort of shoe you would wear in the garden whilst taking the rubbish out. Although, that is just my opinion and I am already proving myself wrong because I saw a pair in New Look the other day and thought they looked absolutely beautiful, and thus couldn't stop looking at them.
Another trend that I am not too sure about is the coat dress. I think that putting a long coat on without anything on underneath looks like you've forgotten to put anything on or didn't have time, and neither looks appeal to me.
The final trend that I'm not sure will ever grow on me is the wide-leg trouser. For some people this will really suit, but because I have quite a slim but tall body shape, I'll look totally drowned in them. Not only that, but I would find them so irritating flapping around my legs, especially as it is so windy here in Britain at the moment.
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