Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #5

Hello Everybody,
I cannot believe this is my fifth post for Wisdom Wednesday already. I think I have decided this will be a 10 week series and then I will have a mini break and do a different series before coming back to this in between, because it is nice to have a change for a little while to keep our minds fresh. But, enough with my rambling and lets jump straight into my 5th Wisdom Wednesday post, marking my midpoint for the first series...
Now, I know the picture of a heart and a castle may not seem relevant to this quote, much like many of the other picture in my series, but let me explain... The quote, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined." Can be read in a number of ways, but the one that I specifically want to mention in this post today is the big L word... LOVE. It's February now, and with Valentine's day less than a couple of weeks away February is the month of love. The love heart represents love itself and the castle represents every girls dream of living in a castle.
As a 16 year old of course I have simple crushes. But what many of us don't think about is that if we can imagine being with someone, and don't take any steps to getting there, how is anybody meant to know that we like them? 
Last year I took a very untraditional risk and sent a Valentine's card to somebody that I fancied, but not in the childish way in which you put a question mark at the bottom, but I actually signed my own name and wrote a little message inside. To be honest, I don't recommend this because although this boy and I did meet a few times, we never really spoke, and they just involved me watching him play basketball for the whole time. If you really like somebody, why don't you just start talking to the person, dropping subtle hints and being a bit more flirty with them. You can't live your dreams unless you take a step to get there, and being able to talk is a massive step. 
Moving on from love, you need to confidently follow all of your dreams, be it your dream job or simply being able to make an apple pie without a soggy bottom. If you are not confident when following dreams you will not fulfil them to the best of your ability. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams because of want others say, be confident in what you believe in, because that is what is most important and it is the best way you will live the life in which you always imagined.
EmilyBelleBlogs x